Sony Redesigns PS Move Controller

A new patent filed by Sony has shed light on the improvements it has planned for its Move motion-based controller.

In addition to the current camera-based tracking used in PS Move, the patent describes methods to improve its accuracy and depth perception using ultrasonic sound waves and infrared tracking like the one used in the Wiimote.

The figures included in the patent also give hints about possible redesign directions for the Move controller. The figures reveal that the new controller could accommodate swappable button faceplates with different layouts. They also show two Move controllers connected back-to-back to resemble a sword or a fighting stick (to us, they look more like a motorcycle handlebar. Please feel free to check the images in the gallery and judge for yourself).

Perhaps the most interesting figure in the patent filing is the one that depicts a player performing a backwards flip to kick while having two Move controllers attached to his ankles and two Move controllers held in his hands. We sure hope FIFA and PES won’t adapt this idea.

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