Steam Sale pushes concurrent users to new heights

If you played a game on Steam yesterday, then chances are you helped Valve make history, by hitting a new milestone in concurrent players on its Steam platform. In total, over eight million people were online at once during yesterday's countdown to the end of the Steam Sale.

The big peak was hit at around 12PM on the West Coast, but it continued to bob along at near that level for several hours through the early afternoon. The biggest games were all Valve properties, showing that it's still king of the hill in that respect. DotA 2 took the top spot, followed by CS-GO and Team Fortress 2.

However some of the items that were most heavily discounted in the recent Steam Sale were also big contributors, with PayDay 2 bringing in the numbers alongside the Legendary Edition of Skyrim, which proved very popular over the past week at just a few dollars for a copy.

While the sale is still ongoing for now, with almost every big game that appeared discounted over the past week showing up again, we may get another bump to the numbers later today, though it seems unlikely, what with everyone working, that we'll hit the same sort of levels.

It is holding steady at the moment at around five million though, so it shows that Steam's servers never really get much of a break.

With the Steam sale winding down, what were some of the big purchases you guys made? Did your wallet take a beating?

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