System Shock Adventure Mode is an enemy-free remake

Deep Dive Studios has been working on its remake/recreation of the original System Shock for years now, following a release of System Shock 2 made compatible with modern platforms and operating systems. It's not quite ready to show off what it's been working on just yet, but it does have something of a taster for gamers who want to get into System Shock's creepy, sci-fi universe. It's called System Shock: Adventure and it has no enemies, no dangers, but all of the story and setting of the game.

Alpha footage of adventure mode shows the boxy world of System Shock's claustrophobic space ship but with modern textures, lighting and physics at play. It's a good indication of what the final game will be like and could offer a more relaxing way to work through the story than one filled with enemies and dangerous AI.

It's far from the complete System Shock experience, but for those who have been waiting years or longer to play System Shock, it may act as a tantalizing tease of what's to come in the future.

No release date has yet been given by Deep Dive for when the final game will be released. Adventure mode will go out to Kickstarter backers in the coming weeks.

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