There is a customization menu in Battlefront II after all

Along with all of the suggestions that loot boxes aren't as bad as everyone claims, one of the most persistent claims from EA and DICE developers behind the recent debacle that is Star Wars: Battlefront II, is that it would be impossible to customize in-game heroes and characters. Well, it turns out that that's not exactly true, as not only is it possible, but at one point in time it was a planned feature.

Data miners digging through all of the financial mess that is Battlefront II, have stumbled upon a full-blown character customizer hidden within the code. This suggests that it would have been possible to tweak outfits, loadouts and weapon customizations. Something people probably would have loved to play with are the facial customizations - although you don't see that when you're in the over-the-shoulder viewpoint, being able to grimace as you gun down a cocky Chewbacca would probably have appealed to many.

Of course it's possible that DICE and EA still plan to implement this at some point and were merely hoping to make a surprise announcement, but as usual, the dataminers have pulled that rug out from under them. Do you think this customization menu will ever see the light of day in the main release of the game?

More than likely though, if any of these features did make it into the game, they would require some kind of micro-transactions. Although EA has pulled that part of the game for now, it's expected to make a comeback when some of the furore has died down. It's important to remember not to fall for it. Stay clear of this one guys, it's never going to get better unless we take a stand.

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