Valve Spies For Improvements

Valve Spies For Improvements Valve Spies For Improvements

Last week Valve released some controversial statistics regarding the playing habits of Half-Life 2: Episode One owners. Now, a new update for the H-L2 Expansion pack showcases exactly how the developer has used the information it gathered from users.

Valve has announced that, based on the statistics gathered from people playing through Episode One, they are making a small balance change to the elevator battle before you head back up to City 17. The specific changes are as follows:

- Added some more health for players to pick up
- Added more cinderblocks and barrels for physics ammunition
- Added some extra shotgun shells at start of the fight
- Slightly reduced the number of zombies attacking the player.

This update suggests that some good can come from the data gathering although you might argue that games testers should have spotted any difficulties before the expansion pack was released.