Warhammer 40K Space Wolf first look

Developer HeroCraft released the first information on its Warhammer 40: Space Wolf game today, alongside a new trailer which shows some of the fabled warriors of the Imperium in action.

Space Wolf is an upcoming, square grid, turn based strategy tittle, blended with a collectable card game, akin to a more open plan Ironclad Tactics. It'll be free to play, so no doubt there will be micro-transactions, probably for cards but potentially for units too. Here's hoping there's enough content planned, that it won't be more akin to vast swathes of DLC and more like the collectable game its looking to be.

In the footage, we're shown Space Wolves with various armaments dismembering and gunning down Chaos Marines, with a corresponding card for each weapon. It also introduces the "sky warriors of Fenris," describing them truly as the saviours of humanity: "on the darkest nights, they come."

Platform wise, it's a mix of mobile and PC, with both Android and iOS handsets supported. These are the confirmed ones, though HeroCraft did also hint that "other platforms," could be getting a look in too.

HeroCraft is set for release in Q2 2014.

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