Wartile indie looks to reimagine the tabletop dungeon crawler

Tabletop dungeon crawlers like the classic Hero Quest, Warhammer Quest, or even something more modern and expansive like Descent: Journeys in the Dark, hold a place in many a gamers' heart for the way they introduced us to certain lite roleplaying elements in tight, and fun turn-based, fantasy dice rolling action. Oddly though, very little of that tabletop vibe has made it to the PC, unless you count sandboxes like Tabletop Simulator.

Wartile is an intriguing indie title that looks to blend some modern PC gaming elements with the tabletop RPGs of yesteryear, giving you access to a band of intrepid warriors in beautifully rendered snapshot battlefields and dungeons, delving deep and high to gain treasure, renown and above all else, experience.

Designed to look like a fully painted tabletop wargaming setup, but with a focus on small, individual warrior combat rather than large squad or unit based battles, Wartile has stunning rendered backdrops and tables to play on and leverages hex-based movement systems to keep things intuitive. Combat is cooldown based, so think of it is fast paced turns, rather than a typical strategic TBS game.

Released on February 8 on Steam, the game has already received a pretty strong selection of positive reviews, with a "very positive" rating on Steam. It's not flawless and some gamers have said they aren't huge fans of the real-time combat system, but ultimately it seems to find a good middle ground between classic gamers and those looking for something a little quicker paced than your typical TBS game.

If you like the idea of Wartile you can pick it up on Steam for the next week at 25 percent off.

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