Warzone is crossing over with Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan might have officially come to an end, but that doesn't mean an end to its cultural significance. The giant-zombie-esque title of exploration and fantastical vertical maneuvering is crossing over With Warzone with a new operator skin, new weapon blueprints, and a range of accessories to make your characters look like they're straight out of the Survey Corps.

Set to release on January 20, this update for the game will contain:

  • The Survey Corps operator skin.
  • Three new weapon blueprints, including a new dual-wield melee weapon blueprint.
  • A secret key weapon charm.
  • One Hot Potato sticker.
  • Wings of Freedom emblem.
  • An Attack on Titan finisher, MVP highlight, and highlight intro.

No price has been announced for this mini DLC crossover, but it'll likely be a similar cost to previous releases -- around the 2,400 COD points range.

As VG247 points out, other upcoming COD Warzone updates include a new operator: Isabella Rosairo, and a new gun in the form of the Welgun SMG, among other exciting additions.

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