Wii Games To Cost USD 49.99

Wii Games To Cost USD 49.99 Wii Games To Cost USD 49.99

EA have confirmed that Nintendo plans to sell Wii games for USD 49.99 while the company has announced its plans for the Wii launch.

Both X360 and PS3 content will carry next-generation prices to match the next-gen hardware but it seems Nintendo will make right on its E3 2006 promise to keep Wii title prices near the USD 49.99 mark. This would make Wii games USD 10 cheaper than their X360 counterparts while they would also be at least USD 10 cheaper than PS3 games too. This cheaper price is not really a surprise as most analysts expected Nintendo to take advantage of the lower development costs involved when creating content for the Wii. It would also be odd to ask for the same money for HD and Non HD content.

EA have also, once again, informed us of how excited they are about Nintendo and mentioned, ...we have ramped up production for the Wii and DS Lite following significant excitement over the Nintendo-created consoles at E3. According to EA NFS: Carbon and Madden will be ready for the Wii launch while a shedload of EA content will be ready for Nintendo's console by March 2007.

All this positivity contrasts with EA's comments on Sony's PS3 which suggested that developers will need at least 2 years to harness its power. The publisher also commented on Sony's plans to ship 6 million units by the end of March 2007, claiming that it will be hard for the company to meet such an ambitious target.