Would you change a Steam review if your opinion of a game changed?

Steam reviews are an imperfect system of rating how good a game actually is, but they do at least give us some insight into what it might be like to play it. Sometimes though, we leave reviews and continue to play the game, only to find our opinion changes down the line. Whether good or bad, would you consider changing your Steam review to reflect your latest thoughts on a game?

That's what Valve is asking gamers to do with a recent Steam beta update. First spotted by Reddit user PunnyCasual, Steam appears to suggest you "revise" your review of a game after you've played significantly more of it. In this case, Punny played an additional 93 hours after leaving their initial review. That is a considerable amount of game time and should indicate that their thoughts on the game will have changed.

This could be particularly useful for those who leave negative reviews but end up playing the game anyway for lengthy periods of time. Presumably, if that happens, they had started to enjoy the game. While there are a number of gamers out there who will hate play just about anything in order to complain about it, for those who play with friends, or begrudgingly come to like something after their initially poor first impressions, it wouldn't hurt to revise their review down the line.

So what do you think? If you hated a game but grew to enjoy it over time, would you be willing to revise your review?

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