WoW Gets Online Database

WoW Gets Online Database WoW Gets Online Database

Blizzard has released a vast online searchable database on World of Warcraft; called The Armory.

The Armory is a vast searchable database of information for World of Warcraft - taken straight from the real servers, updated in real time, and presented in a user-friendly interface. Since the Armory pulls its data from the actual game servers, it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date database on the characters, arena teams, and guilds of World of Warcraft in existence. The Armory includes character profiles, arena teams, and guilds.

Character Profiles

Every character on every realm in World of Warcraft that is at least level 10 has a detailed Character Profile. Each profile includes the character's basic info, such as their name, server, and guild name, as well as their equipped items and their talent build. Simply type in a character name or part of a name, and the search results will display all matching players with that name.


By searching for guilds by name, you can view the roster of every guild in World of Warcraft. The search results will include what realm and faction the guild belongs to. The guild page is also navigable from a guild member's Character Profile.


Every arena team in the game will be searchable by name. Clicking on the name of a team will show you that team's roster, arena points, arena rating, and win-loss record. The arena page is also navigable from a team member's Character Profile.