x360 May Get HD-DVD But Later

x360 May Get HD-DVD But Later

Just over a month ago Microsoft head Bill Gates was once again stirring things up by claiming that XBox 360 would not feature any new DVD technology and would simply go with a current DVD drive. The reaction to his comments and possibly the positive attention gained by Sony's Blu-ray/PS3 combination, have caused Microsoft to rethink its strategy.

Speaking at a joint MS and Toshiba (creators of HD-DVD) event Bill Gates commented: The initial shipments of Xbox 360 will be based on today's DVD format. We are looking at whether future versions of Xbox 360 will incorporate an additional capability of an HD DVD player or something else.

As things stand Microsoft is not bound to gain much by the addition of an HD-DVD drive since x360 games will still be stored on normal DVDs. As drives become cheaper however and as more movies on the new format begin to surface, Microsoft's console will need to support the format if it is to claim its place as the media and entertainment hub of the living room.

Blu-Ray which boasts a higher capacity than HD-DVDs but is more expensive to produce, is a Sony format which will compete against Toshiba's HD-DVD. The inability of these great Japanese companies to work some kind of compatibility deal may mean that the DVD market will be split down the middle.

Microsoft, it seems, plans to release new versions of its XBox 360 console as new hardware features are introduced. It is unclear if this could cause gamers to wait before purchasing an XBox 360 this November although it seems unlikely that it will be possible to avoid the media blitz Microsoft are bound to unleash.