Banner of the Maid v2.0.9+ (+28 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Banner of the Maid

Banner of the Maid v2.0.9+ (+28 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Text file description:

Num 1  Infinite HP
Num 2  Infinite MRL
Num 3  Infinite Heroic Attacks
Num 4  Infinite Weapon Usage
Num 5  Infinite Item Usage
Num 6  Max Hit Chance
Num 7  Max Dodge Chance
Num 8  Infinite Actions
Num 9  Max Move Range
Num 0  Super Damage/One Hit Kills
Num .  Damage Multiplier
Num +  Defense Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 1  Edit Funds
Ctrl+Num 2  Infinite Infantry Medals
Ctrl+Num 3  Infinite Cavalry Medals
Ctrl+Num 4  Infinite Artillery Medals
Ctrl+Num 5  Infinite Standard Reports
Ctrl+Num 6  Infinite Advanced Reports
Alt+Num 1  Infinite Exp
Alt+Num 2  Exp Multiplier
Alt+Num 3  Max Reputation
Alt+Num 4  Set Game Speed
Edit Player Units Stats
Shift+F1  Edit ATK
Shift+F2  Edit LEAD
Shift+F3  Edit DEF
Shift+F4  Edit AMR
Shift+F5  Edit SPD
Shift+F6  Edit SCO 

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

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This is almost always a false alarm.

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