Beat Hazard v1.4s (+7 Trainer)

Beat Hazard v1.4s (+7 Trainer)

Beat Hazard v1.4s (+7 Trainer) [iNSANiTY]

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  Name: Beat Hazard 1.4s +7 Trainer
  Contributor: HonestGamer
  Type: Trainer
  Size: 714 KB
  Date: 7th November, 2010
  OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (x32)
  Important Notes:-
  This trainer update adds an option - "Timer Reads 99 Hours"
  and fixes the game crash caused by the earlier Score Hack.
  Just use the trainer as a game launcher and activate
  options via hotkeys.
  You need to activate "Activate Add Options" to enjoy
  the "Add 5000 Score" and "Add X5 Multiplier" options.
  CJB, DarkByte (For Cheat Engine) and You! :D
  Email ID:
 ASCII By HonestGamer/iNSANiTY

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