Betrayal at Krondor trainer

Betrayal at Krondor trainer

Betrayal at Krondor trainer

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                                         ..R.Noble <ACiD>
                     ... Pirates With Attitudes
                         Proudly Presents ...
    Betrayal of Krondor Cheat  v1.0                    at O6-27-93 18:OO
  Supplier .....: Null Set              Type .....: Character Editor
  Cracker ......: Null Set              Video ....: N/A
  Packager .....: Orion                 Audio ....: N/A
  Protection ...: N/A                   Rating ...: [********--]
                          -/- This is P.W.A. --
 -- -   -
  Founder ......... Bar Manager, Orion
 -- --
  Council ......... Dumper, The Master Of Disaster, Teddy
 - -- --  -
  Documentation  .. Dirty Frank, The Punisher, Screech
 --- -   -
  Members ......... Beach Bum, Cardiac Arrest, Cetis, Charlie, Cracksmith,
                    El Penga, Fenerus Wolf, Faith Healer, FBI, Ford Perfect,
                    Iceman, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Kram, The Legend, Messiah,
                    Mind Bomb, SkateMaster, Stapper, VenoM
                    <> Courier Coordinators <>
                       <> Senior Couriers <>
                             Chowdery, Wingnut
                        <> Courier Team <>
    Biteman, Benji, Con Master, Deliverer, Gadget, Hack Frost, Insector-X
          Lord Cyrix, The Painter, Satman, Silver Surfer, Spiceman
               <> Pirates With Attitudes Site List <>
  Bulletin Board Name StatusNodes  AC  SysOp
  The Rising Sun   World HQ [2]  XXX  Orion
  Digital Underground   European HQ [3]  +XX  Teddy
  Cadence   Console HQ [2]  +XX  Iceman
  Brewery   Member Board [1]  +44  Spelljammer
  Dreamland   Member Board [1]  +47  Gordon Gekko
  Dumper's Den   Member Board [1]  313  Dumper
  Fun City   Member Board [2] +358  Tequilla Sunrise
  Harmony Skates   Member Board [2]  718  SkateMaster
  Hijackers Elite   Member Board [2]   +7  Scud Williams
  Illegal Justice   Member Board [1]  +32  Jumpin' Jack Flash
  Mass Hysteria   Member Board [1]  +32  Messiah
  Spyrit's Home   Member Board [10]  +49  FBI
  Whiplash   Member Board [2]  206  Kram
  <CR><LF>   Distribution [1]   +7  Baudrider
  Cygnus-X   Distribution [1]  3O5  Spike
  Garden of Delight   Distribution [1]  +43  Peeping Tom
  Hollow Tree Production   Distribution [1]  313  Phantasm
  No Rest for the Wicked   Distribution [1]  313  Mr. Crowley
  Rock'n Roll House   Distribution [1] +358  Mozart
  The Beach   Distribution [1]  4O7  Beach Bum
  The Wooden BoxCar   Distribution [1]  6O6  Packrat
  WareHouse   Distribution [1]  +32  Grasshopper
   For more information about PWA, write to :  P.O. Box 3801
                                            :  Seattle, WA 98124-3801
          If you are going to do it.... Do it with an ATTITUDE!
 Final Note
  Support the software companies! If you enjoy using a program or playing a
  game, consider buying it! Someone's got to make it worth the programmer's
  effort to keep up the high standards... They DESERVE it.

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