Bloodwars Madden NFL 08 (+3 Trainer)

Madden NFL 08 (+3 Trainer)


Madden NFL 08 (+3 Trainer)

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1. Have MadHack running while Madden NFL 08 is running.
2. Use any of the Hotkeys during a camp drill, skill drill, or stat assignment screen (as needed)
Shift + 1 -- Next Level -- This ends the current drill with a gold trophy (use AFTER the timer starts in trench fights.
  some drills require you to complete one action before ending, ie, picking up one flag in trench fight or throwing one pass in precision passing)
Shift + 2 -- Extra Assignable -- While at a stat assignment screen (assigning stats on a new superstar, or the screen after completing a franchise
  mode drill), this hotkey will give you 9000 stat points (superstar) or 99 assignable points (franchise) use as many or as few as you like.
Shift + 3 -- Skill Drill Help -- Resets attempts left to 15 and time left to 60 seconds.  does not help in the passing skill drill as of now.
for further help, support, updates, files, etc visit
PS - this version works with the original mainapp.exe as well as vitality's No-CD cracked .exe.


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