Brink v1.0.22998.47583 (+7 Trainer)

Brink v1.0.22998.47583 (+7 Trainer) 
Brink v1.0.22998.47583 (+7 Trainer)

Brink v1.0.22998.47583 (+7 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Text file description:

                   . .. p R O U D L Y  p R E S E N T S . ..
                Brink UPDATE 5 v1.0.22998.47583 PLUS 7 TRAiNER
            Date.........: 31-05-11        Releaser: STN
            Type.........: TRAINER         Options.: 7
            OS...........: WIN 7/VISTA/XP  Size....: TiNY
            Game EXE Size: 5.39 MB         Supplier: STEAM/CRACKED(SKIDROW)
  Nothing much really except Brink is a pretty nice game and i really enjoyed
  training it. Thanks to Bethesda games, their games are always fun.
  This trainer is for UPDATE # 5 of the game using either steam update or the
  SKiDROW's released crack. This is final version of the trainer and won't
  be further updated unless requested by a lot of people.
  If you are running Windows 7/ Vista, please run the trainer in
  Administrative mode. If you have an Antivirus running, please add the trainer
  to its exception list and/or temporarily disable it. Failure doing so may
  cause the trainer to NOT work at all!. Also read the trainer troubleshooting
  guide posted on the forums for more information.
  the following keys. Failure doing so might cause the trainer/game to crash or
  the trainer to NOT work at all.
    Hotkey             Option
     F2        -        Activate Trainer
     NUMPAD1   -        Invincibility
     NUMPAD2   -        One Hit Kill
     NUMPAD3   -        No Reload
     NUMPAD4   -        Enemy Can't Fire Weapons
     NUMPAD5   -        Unlimited Ammo
     NUMPAD6   -        Unlimited Level Credit
     NUMPAD7   -        Add 1000 XP
     F4        -        Back To Normal
  One Hit Kill:
  May affect allies too. Sometimes shooting the enemies, they just lie on ground
  looking around. Just shoot them again and they'll die eventually. This is
  because of the game's "ask for help" system whereby you can call for medic
  nearby to fix you up.
  In some missions, you may need your allies alive to complete certain objectives,
  turn this option off in such situations.
  No Reload:
  You won't need to reload anymore. Its advisable to enable the ammo option as
  well cause you will run out of ammo if you don't enable it.
  Unlimited Level Credit:
  To see this option take effect, go to Characters & Weapons in main menu. Then
  go to abilities and you'll notice it stays at 99 when you enable the option.
  Let me know if you encounter any problems with the trainer. The trainer has
  been extensively tested on Windows 7 and so you shouldn't encounter any
  Greetings are flying out to iNTANGiBLE, DEViL, DeadlyData, RiSiCO for helping
  with DVT when it needed help the most, kemicza for his contributions in the
  past and opening my eyes up to cold hard facts, my favorite pet turtle who has
  kept me companied and helped me at tough times, my (ex)girlfriends who
  embraced me in their comfy hugs, peeps at DVT forums who rants with me such
  as Bastiaan, Read If You Must, Just4FuN49 and to past teams i have been
  part of such as DEViOUS, eXTALiA, CES, UNLEASHED and plenty more.....
  Love bitches... :D
  EMAiL: team[dot]dvt[at]live[dot]com
  [ JOIN US ]
  We are currently looking for
  - Skilled Gamehackers
  - GFX'ers
  - ASCII Artists
  - RANTers, those who can just rant about everything in life!
  - HOT BABES! We're SOCIAL PEOPLE and don't mind soft skin! ;). No Psychos please!
  - Or anyway you think you can help us, contact us right away!
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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

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