ByteBuszta Battle Realms v1.02 (+8 Trainer)

Battle Realms v1.02 (+8 Trainer)


Battle Realms v1.02 (+8 Trainer)

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                           [ EAT PRESENTS ]
                             RELEASE INFO
RELEASE DATE   11/21/01
DIFFICULTY     TOOL USED: Ram Cheat, Trainer Maker Kit
No OF DISKS    [xx/01]
PRICE          NA
                             RELEASE NOTES
Battle Realms typically allows you to build a maximum of 20 or 30 peasents.
This trainer will increase that limit when you desire.
In addition to increasing the max. number of peasents you can build,
applying this trainer will greatly increase the rate of peasent production.
i haven't yet built so many as to trigger a peasent revolution, but after
about 1000 or so im fairly sure it will happen.
Note that the increase in production rate will not occur until the last
peasent that was being constructed at the time of applying the trainer
has finished completion.
Just for fun, our first trainer.
We had mixed results testing this, and it's quite possible that this trainer
will not work for you. It seems to work on some machines and not others, and
I normally specialize in cracking science apps, so im not much of a trainer
maker, and im not sure what the problem is.
Nevertheless, enough people were asking for this that we decided to release
 it and if it gets nuked, so be it.  Hopefully it will work for you.
If it dont work for you, ill tell you how to make your own trainer for this
 game (and maybe some others in the future, so you can learn to catch your
 own fish).
Here's how this trainer was made.  First, get a program made to find memory
 locations for games/trainers.  I used "ram cheat", a shareware program, but
 if you look around you will find some free ones.
Next, start up battlerealms and find a saved game where you are allowed a
 maxium of 20 peasents.  Now ctrl-esc or alt-tab to get out of battlerealms
 and start ram cheat or whatever, and tell it to search the memory for
 battlerealms looking for the value 20.
Now, it will find thousands of candidate addresses.
The next step is the cool step.
Go back to battle realms and find another save game with 30 peasents.
Can you see where we're going with this?
Again temporarily switch out of battlerealms into ramcheat or whatever, and
 tell it to REFINE the search by looking at all the addresses which used to
 contain the value 20 and now contains the value 30.
With this refinement you will narrow down the memory locations to just one
 or two.
Use ram cheat or whatever free program you can find to poke in a large value
 into the memory address you found.  that's it.
You can use a nice program like Trainer Maker Kit to make a nice exe which
 does this memory modification for you.
                          INSTALLATION NOTES
Battle Realms game must be running while you run trainer!
If it works, will immediately see the MAX number of peasents increased
(this dif. than number of current peasents)
1) you must be in a real game, ie must be in the middle of a real game, not
   in menu, etc.
2) you must click on one of the buttons on the trainer, or hit
   ctrl-alt-shift 1, etc.
3) you can't have renamed your executable of the game,
(ie it must be Battle_Realms_F.exe)
First start the game, then Ctrl-Esc out of the game to get to windows OS,
then back to game a couple of times, to make sure using these keys don't
crash your game, as it does on some boxes, and is a bug in the program.
IMPORTANT- if Battle Realms crashes when you try to switch to switch to
Windows, you can do this instead: load the trainer and leave it running
while you start battlerealms. once in a game, use the trainer shortcuts
(ctrl-alt-shift-1, and so on).
You must be in the middle of actually playing a game (try single player
non-online game), to run trainer.
After running the trainer, selecting one of the options, you should see the
new # of peasants as soon as you return to the game.
New limits will stay in place between saves.
Note: if you are already maxed out on peasents, and who isn't, then you may
need to kill one before the program starts building to the new limit.
                             EAT CONTACT
Like to share with TEAM EAT?
We are looking for:
-Experienced Programmers & Crackers. Include list of programs cracked, and
 past and present groups.
-Suppliers of Quality Software (store release date not older than 6 months!)
 We are NOT looking for couriers ever.
IRC:............: Private
AFFILS:.........: Private
ANY and ALL request for files, cracks, serials, and the such will be ignored.
                                EAT NEWS
                         all our friends out there
                              Corsica Production
                      the genius behind Trainer Maker Kit
        I think we
         re safe in
      here, hun..
ASCII BY []x][ole
NFO Last updated 10.01.01


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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