Chaos engine +5 trainer

Chaos Engine

Chaos engine +5 trainer

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    Trained By: DARK OVERLORD                          Date: [09/01/94]
    Well here I am, now with the coolest group on the scene - RAZOR. Though
    I have been inactive for the past few months, I am back now from summer
    with an awesome new trainer for a cool game! This game was not easy to
    train and I was unable to give you an interactive mode. All you trainer
    dudes who tried to train this game know what I mean. First of all, the
    programmers don't return from the interrupts properly (because they are
    not programming in a cool language like assembly!) so that is why there
    are no in-game keys. However, I have given you a menu so that you may
    select which options you use for the entire game. Next, you must know
    that the game sometimes slows down for awhile, this has NOTHING to do
    with my trainer.
    I am glad to see RAZOR back in effect and glad to be on the cracking
    team with Randall and Phoenix.
    Randall Flagg, Marauder, Fallen Angel, Grim, Vfast, Oliver Stoned,
    Raw Liquid, Lord Thinker, Chairman, Big Boss, Major Theft
                                             DARK OVERLORD  RAZOR CRACKER
   Mirage                World HQ            10 Nodes     Big Boss
   State of Devolution   United States HQ     8 Nodes     Marauder
   Aquila                European HQ          4 Nodes     The Brain
   The City              Member Board         4 Nodes     War Master
   The Wall              Member Board         7 Nodes     Roland & TGW
   Reggae Muffin         Distribution Site    2 Nodes     Illegal E?ror
   Bad Dreams            Distribution Site    2 Nodes     Unconvicted Felon
                              Razor 1911 Members
        The Brain, Lord Thinker, Marauder, Randall Flagg, Razor Blade,
                          and The Renegade Chemist.
        Avalon, Big Boss, Dark Overlord, Fallen Angel, Phoenix, Roland
               Serpico, Shardik, War Master, Wind Walker & Zeus.
                             Razor 1911 Couriers
             Bubble Man, The Cardinal, Cremator, Digital Justice,
             The Dutchmen, Extreme, Faldo, Fatal Error, Grimlock,
                   Panoth, Rage, Raw Liquid, Slain & Wyvern
   Want to join Razor 1911?
   BBS:      Contact a Senior Member on one of our HQ systems.
   Internet: Contact BUTRIX.
                             -+- RAZOR 1911 -+-

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