Cheat v26.0

Cheat v26.0

Cheat v26.0

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           Secret Backdoors and Debug Codes the Programmers
                     Don't Want You to Know About
                     By Mike Zier, Fido 1:272/169
                              Mike Zier
                             P.O. Box 546
                       Smallwood, NY 12778-0546
** What is CHEAT?
CHEAT is a listing of cheats for IBM/MS-DOS computer games.  Debugging
commands, secret commands, and whatever else can enable you to cheat
in these games.
However, you won't find any level codes or trainer-style programs
here... they aren't real cheats.
** How do I load the program?
At the command prompt (that thing that looks remotely like C:>) type
CHEAT and press enter.
On screen instructions are given from that point on.  I hope it's
** Where do I report bugs, comments, suggestions, and
** submissions?
The official support BBS is The Cult of the Tentacle.  A 28.8k modem is
online 24 hours a day to serve your gaming needs.
You can also freq CHEAT from 1:272/169.
** Disclaimer
I cannot be held responsible for the results of any cheats described
in this list.  In most cases, the game companies intended these cheats
for internal use only, they have the chance of being destructive.
Known limitations are listed, when possible .
As for this program, if it blows up your computer, I am not
responsible for that either.  Sorry.
** Copyright statements and what-not
This program, documentation, and all related services are (c)
Copyright 1993-1995 Mike Zier, All rights reserved.
I have no problem with the spread of the information contained within,
but if you are using them in your own project please inform me.  You
may NOT duplicate this work or a large percentage of it for your own
personal gain.
                        Cheat List Survey - v26.0
  Personal Info - Not Required
Name ______________________________________
Address ___________________________________
City ______________________ State _________
Zip _______________________________________
Age _______________________________________
Do you own a 28.8k modem?  [ ] Yes   [ ] No
How many games do you buy in a month? _________________
What are your favorite kinds of games? (check all that apply)
 [ ] Adventure  [ ] RPG  [ ] Arcade  [ ] Action  [ ] 3D/Virtual Reality
 [ ] Modem      [ ] Strategy  [ ] Simulations  [ ] Puzzle/Mind Games
 [ ] Sports     [ ] Other - Please Explain _________________
What is your favorite game of all time?
What is your least favorite game of all time?
What new features do you want to see in CHEAT?
Please complete and return to me:
Snail Mail:   Mike Zier
             P.O. Box 546
              Smallwood, NY 12778-0546
FidoNet:      Mike Zier @ 1:272/169
** I sometimes like to get in touch with users about new ideas
** and programs I'm working on.  This is the ONLY time any of the
** above information will ever be used.  If you would like me to
** contact you, feel free to also provide a phone number.


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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