Cit3ra Scarface: The World Is Yours (Money Trainer)

Scarface: The World Is Yours (Money Trainer)


Scarface: The World Is Yours (Money Trainer)

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                   . .. p r o u d l y   p r e s e n t s .. .
 *                 Scarface PLUS 11 TRAINER (C) PiZZADOX                 *
   Release Date .....: 10-08-06                  Disks .....: 01 x 5.00mb
   Release Type .....: Trainer                   Options ...: Plus 11
 [ R e l e a s e   N o t e s ]
   Unzip/Unrar trainer  into  any  directory,  then  start  the  trainer
   with  "pdtrain.exe",  and finally  start  the  game.  During  gameplay
   toggle trainer options by pressing the following key combinations:
      Hotkey                   Option
      F1                       Toggle Infinite Health
      F2                       Toggle Infinite Ammo/No Reload
      F3                       Toggle Instant Rage
      F4                       Toggle Disable Cop Meter
      F5                       Toggle Max out Cop Meter
      F6                       Toggle Disable Red Meter
      F7                       Toggle Infinite Car Energy
      F8                       Toggle Enemies don't shoot
      F9                       Toggle Stupid Enemies
      F10                      Toggle One Hit Kill
      8                        Save Position
      9                        Load Position
      Trainer notes..
      Infinite Health:
      Tony will have infinite Health, and won't die when he gets shot by
      an enemy.
      Infinite Ammo/No Reload:
      Tony has infinite Ammo for all weapons and doesn't need to reload
      his weapons anymore.
      Instant Blind Rage:
      Tony is instantly able to use his Blind Rage. Note that you may
      have to kill an enemy (to get balls) and access the pause menu
      before this option takes effect.
      Disable Cop Meter:
      This will stop the Cop Meter (around your Minimap) from filling.
      You may have to enter the pause menu for this Option to take
      Note: This Option will automatically disable Max out Cop Meter.
      Max out Cop Meter:
      Use this Option, if you want to have a bit fun with the cops ;)
      Note: This Option will automatically disable Disable Cop Meter.
      Disable Red Meter:
      This stops the red meter from increasing. The red meter increases
      when some cops are after you and the white meter (around your
      Minimap) already has been filled.
      Keep in mind that you are 'fucked' when the red meter is completely
      shown around your Minimap.
      Make SURE you have disabled Disable Cop Meter and Max out Cop Meter
      before you activate this Option and make sure at least a bit of the
      red bar is shown.
      Infinite Car Energy:
      This will stop the Car Energy from going down.
      Enemies don't shoot:
      All enemies with a weapon won't be able to shoot anymore.
      Sometimes, when enemies are still shooting, switch your weapon with
      the weapon switch keys (Default: 1 and 2).
      Use the Infinite Ammo Option to show them how it's done ;)
      Be aware, that this option does not take effect on some special
      Stupid Enemies:
      When enabling this Option move your crosshair over an enemy of
      your choice and he will stop acting. The enemies will walk or run a
      bit around but won't do anything anymore.
      Please note, that when you enable this Option the game will think,
      that the enemies aren't there anymore, so you won't be able to kill
      them even if you shoot at them.
      The only way to kill them after you have activated this Option is
      to disable it and then enable One Hit Kill. But since both, the
      Stupid Enemies and the One Hit Kill are coded with a mouse routine
      it may happen, that you won't be able to kill the enemies you made
      stupid anymore.
      Note: This Option will automatically disable One Hit Kill.
      One Hit Kill:
      Tony will kill any enemy with only one SHOT. The enemies will only
      affected by this option when you move your crosshair over them.
      Note: This Option will automatically disable Stupid Enemies.
      Save Position:
      Save Tony's position in the world.
      Load Position:
      Load the previous saved position.
      Have fun with the game and always remember.. The World is Yours.
      Yeah, I'm still alive. But I'm not back yet.
      /trained by the mighty duo POiZN and VeggySSJ
            If you can not, or do not want to respect our work,
             then do NOT bother posting this info on your site
                    without proper credit where due.
                 " You Get Nothing And You Become Nothing "
 [ G r e e t i n g s ]
   PiZZADOX gives away cold beer and fresh PiZZA to our KNOWN friends in
 * B E C A U S E   W E   C A N *
 [01-01-03][nfo by nmls]

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