Civilization 3 (SaveGame Editor v0.30)

Civilization 3 (SaveGame Editor v0.30)

Civilization 3 (SaveGame Editor v0.30)

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'Sid Meier`s Civilization 3' Save Game Editor. Copyright (c) By Erik Tan, Beta V0.30
Updated : 3-Dec-2001
Features Updates
	v 0.10
	1. Allow reset on turn/date in save games.
	v 0.20
	1. Allow the user to alter the Tech. advancement for Ancient Time.
	v 0.21
	1. Allow the user to alter the Tech. advancement for Middle Ages.
	v 0.22
	1. Allow the user to alter the Tech. advancement for Industrial Ages.
	v 0.23
	1. Allow the user to alter all Tech. advancement.
	   ** Note that you should leave at least one advancement in each era unchecked.
           so that the system will allow you to select an advancement to research (Or
	   else the game will hang)
	v 0.30
	1. Allows Editing of City Information.
	** Note the current version of the editor has been internally revamped and bugs
	   may crop up. Please remember to keep a backup copy of your save file before
	   using it.
	** Click the Update City Info button before clicking the save button.
	Tested on: V 1.07f-English.
	1. The Tech. advancement Writing and Mathematics were mixed-up.
	Just run the editor civ3edit.exe and load the savegame by clicking the load button.
Click the save button when you edited the date.
This crackware cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is design to help players enjoy the game more. It should not be distributed in any form across networks, or the use of digital medias, without express permisson of the author. If you wish to put this crackware on a website, please inform the author.
The author will not ne responsible for any illegal usage of this crackware. This crackware is distributed without any king of warranty expressed or implied. You use at your own risk. The author will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using this crackware. If you do not agree with this licence - DO NOT USE THIS CRACKWARE!
Internet sites
	The current list of internet sites that have permission to distribute
this crackware as well as official supporting of previous and future crackware
releases and crackware updates:
- Author's projects support page:
- Other sites:	Adrenaline Vault cheats archive       Action Trip cheats archive          CivGame
Author contact information
1. Author contact e-mail:
2. Author's home page: If your look for
   crackware updates.
If you like this editor, please vote for my website at so others will come to know of the editor.
Hope you enjoy your gaming.
Erik Tan

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