Civilization 5 (+12 Trainer)

Civilization 5 (+12 Trainer)

Civilization 5 (+12 Trainer) [Cocodrilo]

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Trainer -> e51c140d682eab4472a4f9abab997f2f
No dll Need.
If the information content is not correct, then what you've downloaded is not mine.
www.sicheats.comCivilization 5 Trainer
Numpad0    -> Show trainer status.
Numpad1    -> Adds 9000 to your gold, Activate it as many times as you need.
Numpad2    -> Adds 200 points to the golden age, Activate it as many times as you need.
Numpad3    -> Increments + 50 golden age turns, Activate it as many times as you need.
Numpad4    -> Incremente + 200 culture, Activate it as many times as you need.
Numpad5    -> Technologies - old
Numpad6    -> Technologies - classic
Numpad7    -> Technologies - medieval
Numpad8    -> Technologies - renaissance
Numpad9    -> Technologies - industrial
Divide     -> Technologies -> modern
Multiply   -> Unlimited movement.
Insert     -> Show options (in the game screen).
For close in game notifications, is need right click in notification menu.
Fixed bug with the technologies and separated into groups.
Added notifications in the game.
Numpad0 Displays the status of the trainer, if working properly display a message in the game. Now the trainer is activated automatic.
In a few days it will put more options:
No need to activate and deactivate the options each turn, the options only affect your player.

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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