Civilization 5 v1.0.1.332 (+20 Trainer)

Civilization 5 v1.0.1.332 (+20 Trainer)

Civilization 5 v1.0.1.332 (+20 Trainer) [Psych]

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  | :::::::::   ::::::::  :::   :::  ::::::::  :::    ::: |
  | :+:    :+: :+:    :+: :+:   :+: :+:    :+: :+:    :+: |
  | +:+    +:+ +:+         +:+ +:+  +:+        +:+    +:+ |
  | +#++:++#+  +#++:++#++   +#++:   +#+        +#++:++#++ |
  | +#+               +#+    +#+    +#+        +#+    +#+ |
  | #+#        #+#    #+#    #+#    #+#    #+# #+#    #+# |
  | ###         ########     ###     ########  ###    ### |
  |-----------------------------------< Game Reversing >--'
  |> ============
  |> GAME: Civilization V (DX9 + 11)
  |> PUBLISHER: 2K Games
  |> VERSION: v1.0.1.332
  |> OPTIONS: 1 (20 in full release)
  |> DATE: 01-07-11
  |_                   **PROMO RELEASE**
  1) Start the game and trainer (in any order)
  2) Refer to the hotkeys below (or on the trainer)
  3) Enjoy it!
  Trainer options are activated using the NUMPAD on the right side of the
  keyboard. You will need NUMLOCK 'On' for the hotkeys to works properly.
  Laptop users  may need to  plug in a  USB  keyboard  to get these keys.
  Special Civilization-specific note! All of the trainer options will
  auto-disable after taking effect unless otherwise noted! These which
  don't auto-disable must be manually turned off by you before hitting
  'next turn' in game. Otherwise the enemy may get the advantages! So,
  before emailing me complaining that the enemy is kicking your ass,
  check to see that you didn't screw up in this regard. Thanks ;-)
    Hotkey           Option
    ------           ------
    Num0             Add Unit Movement
    Num1             Infinite Attacks per Turn
    Num2             Refill Unit Health
    Num3             Max Unit XP
    Num4             Add Gold
    Num5             Add Golden Age Points         << Promo option
    Num6             Add Policy Points
    Num7             Instant Build
    Num8             Instant Units
    Num /            Instant Projects
    Num *            Strategic Resources Cost 0
    Num -            Increase City Population
    Num +            Reset to Turn 0/Early Age
    F1               Advance 5 Turns/+200 Years
    F2               Damage Unit (Die on next turn/hit)
    F3               Add Food from Terrain
    F4               Add Production from Terrain
    F5               Add Gold from Terrain
    F6               Add Science from Terrain
    F7               Border Growth Every Turn
  Detailed Notes
  Add Unit Movement: Activate this then select a unit to get more.
  Infinite Attacks per Turn: Allows you to attack as many times as
   you want, without depleting your turns. Turn off after use!
  Refill Unit Health: Use this then click on a unit to replenish HP.
  Max Unit XP: Activate and then click on a unit to fill their XP
   bar. On the next turn(s), they will level up and become strong!
  Add Gold: Activate this to instantly get some cash/money.
  Add Golden Age Points: Same as above but for Golden Age points.
  Add Policy Points: Same as the above two but for Policy points.
  Instant Build: Activate and then view your the building in your
   queue to see that it's progress bar is full. On the next turn,
   it will complete. No more waiting for ages for these to complete.
   Remember to turn this one off after use!
  Instant Units: Same as the above but for unit creation.
   Remember to turn this one off after use!
  Instant Projects: Same as above, but this will give you a load of
   project points to enable you to get them sorted quickly.
   Remember to turn this one off after use!
  Strategic Resources Cost 0: Gain any resources you need with this.
   Note: You'll need at least one of the same type already though.
   Remember to turn this one off after use!
  Increase City Population: Turn this on then enter a city to see
   it's population increase by 1. Don't go too crazy with this.
  Reset to Turn 0/Early Age: Use this to take your back to turn 0,
   and the age you were at at game start. Click 'next turn'.
  Advance 5 Turns/+200 Years: Progresses the game age by 5 turns
   which equates to 200 years. Takes effect on next turn.
  Damage Unit (Die on next turn/hit): Activate and then click on
   a target unit to reduce their hitpoints. On the next turn or
   when next attacked they will surely die.
  Add Food/Production/Gold/Science from Terrain: These options
   will increase the terrain-based income for a given city. Turn
   it on then enter one of your cities to give them a boost. You
   may need to go in/out of your city a few times for it to work.
  Border Growth Every Turn: Enable this cheat and it will only
   take one turn for your city to expand into new tiles, rather
   than making you wait for 20x/45x/60x/etc times that.
   Remember to turn this one off after use!
  If you encounter issues with the trainer not working, make sure you
  disable any firewalls/anti-viruses and other security software.
  If using Vista or Windows 7, run the game as 'Administrator' and
  disable UAC (user account control). XP users should run as admin.
  Generally, trainers should work on both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit)
  operating systems. However, some games have seperate elements for
  these two types, and so a trainer may not work if this is the case.
  If the trainer is getting flagged as malicious (this is false), and
  turning off your AV doesn't help, try to add it to the exceptions or
  whitelist, to stop it getting quarantined or deleted.
  There is a more complete trainer troubleshooting guide on the site: which you should consult if all of this
  doesn't help you. If after that you're still stuck, contact me.
  I aim to answer all email queries, but customers will receive
  priority support  for my full version trainers.  Any  abusive
  messages  will be deleted/ignored/reported, and you will lose
  the right to further support. A refund may also be denied.
  Please include your receipt of purchase if emailing me direct
  or, alternatively, contact me through CheatScapes.
  Email:     psych[AT]live[DOT]co[DOT]uk
  (Spamproof: Substitute the AT for @ and [DOT] for .)
  This  trainer release  is intended for singleplayer use only! I don't
  support MP cheating of any kind. Any queries relating to this trainer
  this  trainer  not  working  in  MP  will  simply  be  ignored.
  I will  not  be held responsible  if you use this trainer in MP modes
  and get banned,  or in any other way  suffer  negative  consequences,
  such as been branded as a cheater or placed on any watch lists.  You,
  and you alone, take any and all blame for any such actions.
  Your  continued usage  of this trainer, and any of my other trainers,
  consitutes your acceptance of  these  terms/conditions.  If you don't
  understand them,  please contact me for clarification,  or delete it.
  Full version releases are personalised  and encrypted  upon download.
  This is to  prevent  illegal distribution.  Users who are found to be
  engaged in such action  will have their  rights revoked  and will not
  be eligible for future trainers and updates. Please respect the work!
  Promo trainers may be spread freely  so long as they are not altered.
  Such releases are provided in order for you to test the compatibility
  with your system  before purchasing the full version.  As such,  they
  may have limited features  and  are  not  guaranteed to work for you.
  This trainer,  and all it's included features/code  unless  otherwise
  stated, belongs to me. Any duplication of said code, inluding but not
  limited to,  cheats,  artwork/design  and  this  helpfile text,  is a
  breach of copyright and thus a criminal offence. Don't steal or copy!
  Thanks to 'exylum' for kindly providing source. This release contains
  elements of that used to base the GUI on.  Thanks to 'energy' for the
  graphic design work on the interface. Thanks to the CheatHappens team
  for the opportunity and support surrounding CheatScapes.  Thanks also
  go out to everyone who purchases my releases, everyone who helps test
  them and those who provide helpful feedback. Greets fly out to all of
  my friends, contacts, fellow trainer makers and CheatScapes authors.

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