Crash Time 3 (+8 Trainer)

Crash Time 3 (+8 Trainer)

Crash Time 3 (+8 Trainer) [h4x0r]

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760f141d  Crash Time III v1.0 + 8 Trainer.exe
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07a742f3  Download more trainers and updates.URL
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h4x0r #
                             .: h4x0r Present :.
                      Crash Time III v1.0 + 8 Trainer
   Release On   : 18 April 2010            Disk Amount/Format : 1 rar
   Type of Game : Action                   Plataform   : RETAIL
   Game Version : 1.0                      Fixed Exe : SKIDROW
                                 Release Information:
 like its predecessors, crash time 3, the new installment of the well-known action
racing game series,
offers varied gameplay in top quality. the german game forge synetic has once more
taken the graphics
engine a significant step further. in a gorgeous game world, completely explorable on
wheels, the player
gets to solve gripping facineroso cases and master other diverse assignments.
completely reworked story mode: the previously published parts of the crash time
series already offered
tons of breathtaking action. crash time 3 also includes an all-new storyline. right
from the start, the player
learns about the destructive power of a terrorist organization that will cross our
heroes? path again and again
during the game. in the course of the game, the player?s objective is to discover
more and more details and
information regarding a series of crimes that seem to have no connection at first,
and then solve everything in
 a grand finale.
xtended scope of action: the player is immersed deeper into the game?s storyline,
interviewing informants
and collecting information. and the player gets to decide how to proceed while
completing the missions.
pathfinding ? improved navigation: an intelligent ai allows delinquent opponents to
calculate the shortest
paths automatically, and adapts the vehicle performance to the road conditions.
fantastic driving physics: a state-of-the-art physics system offers an even more
realistic driving experience.
                             Trainer Options:
                    INSERT - ENABLE TRAINER
                    NUMPAD1 - NO CAR DAMAGE
                    NUMPAD2 - ADD POINTS
                    NUMPAD3 - SUPER ACCELERATION
                    NUMPAD4 - SUPER BRAKES
                    NUMPAD5 - GRAVITY UP
                    NUMPAD6 - GRAVITY DOWN
                    NUMPAD7 - SAVE POSITION
                    NUMPAD8 - LOAD POSITION
                    NUMPAD9 - SUPER JUMP
                    DELETE - DISABLE ALL
                                SC ENGINE
                             Ascii by [jx0!]
    Team Members:
    Trainer Maker  ................................................ [ h4x0r ]
    Trainer Maker & Ascii Maker ................................... [ jx0! ]
    GameHacker .................................................... [ Cocodrilo ]

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