Cybermage savegame editor

Cybermage savegame editor

Cybermage savegame editor

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Well, Here IT is:
                         CyberMage Savegame Editor
                        brought to you by DaRittMan!
     First of all, here is a list of files that should have been contained in
        cmchtdrm.txt    this file.  Explains how to use the cheat and contains
                        all that legal stuff.
        cmchtdrm.exe    the executable.  This file does the cheating for you.
        q.bat           quick batch file to enable you to load CyberMage every
                        time with the full power of this cheat.
If you have not recieved all of these files, chances are you have not received
a valid copy of my CyberMage Savegame Editor.  If you write me or Email me at
the addresses below I will send you a correct copy.
Before you use this cheat, it is important, and boring, that you agree to a
number of rules.
        1.  The author, bulletin boards, or other information services from
            which you have downloaded this file express no guarantees,
            expressed or implied about the integrity of this file.
        2.  The author, bulletin boards, or other information services from
            which you have downloaded this file are not responsible for any
            loss of data, time, or money incurred by using this file.
        3.  This product is Shareware.  You may use this file, as is, at your
            own risk for 30 days.  After 30 days, if you have not registered,
            you must delete all copies from your library.
        4.  The author of this product authorizes any and all satisfied users
            to distribute this file freely as long as no modifications are
            made from the original format.
        5.  By using this file (ie. executing it once) you have agreed to
            the above said terms and waive any and all personnel associated
            with the production or distribution of this program of any and
            all responsibilities.
O.K.  Now that that stuff is over, it is time to start Cheatin'.
The first thing you need to do is copy these files into your CyberMage
directory.  Probably C:CM.
Next, you will want to make a backup copy of your first savegame.  Just type
copy save000.dat save000.bak in your CyberMage directory.
Finally type cmchtdrm.exe and your done.  Your first savegame will now have:
        500 Health
        500 Power
        99 Armor ratings on all areas
        and a savings account of $65,536.
A Registered copy will get you:
        999 Health
        999 Power
        999 Armor ratings on all areas
        16 Million Dollars
        Unlimited Regen Paks
        Unlimited Armorseal
        Unlimited Grenades
        Unlimited HoverBombs
        All Darklight abilities
        All Weapons & Items
        You will be able to edit all of your saves not just the first.
So help keep shareware alive and please register NOW!
To register, send 5$, check or money order payable to Jeffery L Ritter Jr to:
Jeffery L Ritter Jr
11 Notthingham Drive
Fallsington PA  19054
(NOTE:  You can send cash if you have to, but its not very safe, and I cannot
        guarantee that I will recieve it)
You can Email me at if you have any questions or
comments.  I always respond.  If there are any games you are having trouble
with, can't find an editor, or you just want to rap, give me a ring.
                                                Good Luck,
This file and associated files are property of Jeffery L Ritter Jr,
Copyright 1995.  DaRittMan is a trademark of Jeffery L. Ritter Jr. CyberMage
is a trademark of David W. Bradley.


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