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XIII v1.01 ENG (+6 Trainer)

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           ___________   ___________  ________/   ____________ _____
    +----- \_  _____ /___\__  _____/ -\_______  \__\___  /_   |/    / -+
    |      /  ___/  /    /    /       /    /    /     /   /  _/   _/   |
    |   __/   /   _/    /    /     __/  __/    /   __/   /       \_   |
    |       /_____    /    /          ______/_____    /_____    /   |
    +---   / ----   /   / ------   / ----------   / -----   / ---+
          /        /   /          /              /         / (nw!)
                  FairLight DOX Division Presents:
                           XIII Plus 10 Trainer
:   Cracked by:  FAiRLiGHT            : :  Release Date: 12/13/03            :
   Packaged by: FAiRLiGHT               # of Options: 10
   Type: [ ] Manual/Reference Card              Type: Trainer
         [ ] CD/Box Covers
         [ ] Walkthrough
         [ ] Strategy Guide
:         [X] Cheat/Trainer                                                :
:         [ ] Patch
   Number of archives: 1
   Hi to everyone in trainerland :) especially my good friend M_MYERS, who's
   training ability is only matched by his ability to be all things FROGLIKE!
   ;p.. on with the show..
   Trainer Options
   H)   Infinite Health
   F10) Infinite Ammo
   F1)  Plague Enemy                   (see notes)
   F3)  1 Hit Kill                     (see notes)
   0)   Breath under water             (see notes)
   M)   Super Jump on                  (see notes)
   N)   Super Jump off
   F7)  Invisibility On                (see notes)
   F8)  Invisibility Off
   U)   Fly Mode Start (Boost UP/DOWN) (see notes)
   I)   Fly Mode Down  (Boost UP/DOWN) (see notes)
   X)   End Fly Mode                   (dont use this while high in the air
                                        or u die when u hit the ground.)
   B)   Steady Scope On                (see notes)
   V)   Steady Scope Off
   J,K,L,O) Ghost Keys                 (see notes)
   A Few Words
   If u dont want to read my bullshit I suggest u skip on to the trainer
   option descriptions :)
   It seems these big ass nfos have become somewhat of a trademark of mine, I
   try and make sure the end user understands everything about the trainer so
   they can get the most out it and enjoy using it. Im a huge lover of the
   old skool where people would actually talk to each other in their nfos,
   todays nfos are so cold they could give a guy brainfreeze, so forgive me
   if I dont follow current trends :)
   I was asked today about trainer options within my trainers, The person
   asked me if I was using CHEAT CODES, either enabling them with my trainer
   or using them as a starting point to find options, I can see why he would
   think such a thing as a lot of my trainers have strange or advanced
   options within them, but let me reassure u all that I never have and
   NEVER!! will use ingame cheats in any way shape or form, actually my views
   on ingame cheats are widely known to those who have spoken to me about the
   subject, Firstly I would see it as a betrayal to the ART of trainer
   making, secondly ANY!! trainer that HAS used ingame cheats to find options
   or simple enable the cheats, in my books are NOT!! trainers they are simply
   cheat enablers and should be labled as such. Every option in my trainers
   have been from reversing the game from its natural state, what challenge
   is using routines that are BUILT to cheat for u?? its not what im in this
   scene for...
   another rant brought to u by sheepytalksshit productions. ;p
   Trainer Notes
   F1 - Plague Enemy, When this option is activated the surrounding enemy
   will collapse and die, because of the nature of this option u need to be
   very careful in using it, whoever u kill in this way will not move or will
   not give up whatever they were holding, its a fun option to use when ur
   bored but implemented properly it can be used to hugely help in missions
   F3 - 1 Hit Kill, I suppose this options is pretty common by now but ill
   include it here just incase some people dont have a clue what it does,
   when activated this option will enable u to kill any enemy with just 1
   shot from any gun or even a punch.
   0 - Breath Under Water, This option will enable u to just sit underwater
   for as long as u wish, being under there actually only takes energy off u
   but for anyone that either doesnt want to use infi health or are just sick
   of that RED flashing its a great option.
   M - Super Jump, Enable this option to be able to jump tall buildings in a
   single bound :) Lovely option that has many benefits.
   F7 - Invisible, This option does what it says on the tin.. makes u
   completely invisible, I also removed the AI hearing ability so the player
   is never detected, great for any SNEAK missions.
   U/I - Fly Mode Start (UP/DOWN), OK, this needs a little explaining, on
   some levels you will notice that the U key will send you upwards, on other
   levels you will notice that the U key will send u down :) no matter what
   direction it sends you, when you press the U key it will START fly mode,
   you then use U and I to push you up and down, you can use the normal ASDF
   to run about in the sky, but up and down you need to press U or I.
   B - Steady Scope On, This option will take away any tremor u get when
   using the scopes on any weapon.  Please be careful with this option, you
   should only turn it on when u are shooting at the enemy, then when ur
   finished turn it back off, Ive never noticed any ILL effects, but I hooked
   a very generic routine to do this and its always better to be safe than
   sorry. Dont worry, the game will never crash, but u may see some odd
   I love it when i get to add little signature options to my trainers, this
   is no exception, very similar to my last trainer for POP, but these keys
   are used for walking through walls or anything u fancy walking through,
   again because of the 3D positioning the keys are sometimes a little
   tricky, easier to work with that 3rd person POP though, each key is a
   direction either NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST.. JKLO, please only use them
   to walk through walls, using them to run around the whole map will no
   doubt get u stuck somewhere, use the fly mode for that. Again, I inlcude
   all 4 keys as 1 option.
   Last words... This trainer can be an excellent aid to the game or it can
   just add some fun when ur running around bored, used badly it can also
   stop levels from progressing, a little advice, never use the jump or fly
   options to skip over mission objectives and use the F1 plague wisely.
   The ammo option was the LAST thing i did on this trainer and it took about
   2 minutes, as a result the enemy also get infinite bullets, I was going to
   spend another half hour looking for a way to seperate but realised 2
   things, 1. Ive never seen an enemy run out of bullets, so maybe they have
   infinite bullets anyway.. and more importantly 2. While running the
   trainer ive never come across an enemy lasting long enuff to RELOAD let
   along discharge all ammo at me :) so I think the benefit to the enemy is
   minimal.. tnx..
 Greetings to our friends in groups such as:
              +-+  Kindest regards - FairLight DOX 2003 +-+

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