DonkeyKong47421 SuperTux v0.1.2 (Trainer)

SuperTux v0.1.2 (Trainer)


SuperTux v0.1.2 (Trainer)

Text file description:

|     SuperTux 0.1.2 Trainer     |
|  v1.0                          |
|  05-29-05                      |
|                                |
|  Written By -                  |
|  DonkeyKong47421               |
|     |
|  PC Game                       |
|  Main File Details  -          |
|  SuperTux.exe                  |
|  778 KB (796,672 bytes)        |
|  Game Version 0.1.2            |
| Public Releases | -
I doubt another release will be made. Only few remaining cheats are
pointless such as Star Power, Freeze Timer, or whatever else - There are
codes now that do about the same Invincible Tux, Always Stay Big/Fire Tux
even if hit, 10000 Second timer (2.7 hours per level/life - If takes that
long for each life you need the "Win Level" cheat).
05-29-05  --  Released first version 1.0
| Available Cheats | -
Cheats Currently Available in trainer version 1.0 --
     - Enter Coin Amount
     - Enter Life Amount
     - Have Big Tux
     - Have Fire Tux
     - Infinite Lives
     - Tux Invincible
     - Big Timer (10000 Seconds)
     - Infinite Jump
     - Infinite Fireballs
     - Tux Walk Thru Walls
     - No Enemies
     - Tux Walks Left
     - Tux Walks Right
     - Invisible Enemies
     - Invisible Tux
     - Tux Can't Get Coins (Loose Coins Only - Can in Box)
     - 60 Second Timer
     - Automatically Win Level
| Using The Trainer | -
To use any of the cheats in the trainer simply load the trainer, start the
game, and then click the cheat name button you want to use. Many cheats are
activated once the map is loaded so for the cheat to work simply kill tux
or go to the map and select a level to play.
To turn the cheat off simply click the button named "Off" next to the cheat
name. If you have multiple cheats on and want them all off click the button
"All Cheats OFF" on the top right corner of the trainer. Once again many
cheats are turned on/off when the level is started so you may have to kill
tux or go to the map and select a level for the code to be off.
You can find out more about each cheat by putting your mouse cursor over a
cheat button, information will appear shortly about the cheat. If you need
to see it again move your mouse from the button and back to it for the
information to show back up. Also some of the bigger cheats have a "?"
question mark button next to them - Click it for more detailed information.
| About The Trainer | -
Many hours of work on my part, and some luck, was done to make the cheat
codes and put them in a trainer for all to enjoy.
The tools I used were TSearch v1.6b and OllyDBG v1.10 for the cheats.
TSearch to find codes, OllyDBG to make the codes better and sometimes
to simply find cheats by going thru the code by hand.
I used TMK (Trainer Maker Kit) v1.51 to make the trainer program. This was
my first public trainer - I like how it turned out.
I hope the codes I made help you, some stages can be hard. But beware
you can actually beat the entire game from start to finish in about 10
minutes or less with some of the cheats.
  - DonkeyKong47421


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