Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil v1.3.1 (+5 Trainer)

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil v1.3.1 (+5 Trainer)

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil v1.3.1 (+5 Trainer)

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*Please Tick Word Wrap For Reading Comfort*
HonestGamer/Team ACE Presents:-
"Doom 3 - Resurrection Of Evil 1.3.1 +5 Trainer"
This Game Uses Code-Shifting. So This Means That The Addresses Of Oppcodes Are Loaded Dynamically By A Specific Module (That May Be An EXE Or DLL). So It Was Obvious That More Efforts Were Put Forward On This Trainer. Also, Please Keep In Mind That There Is A Wide Difference Between Code-Shifting And DMA!!!
To Use This Trainer, Run The Game By Hitting Its 'Launch' Button. Now You Will Be In The Doom 3 Main Menu (Source Game). Now, Go To 'Mods', And From There Selece 'Resurrection Of Evil'. You Can Do This The Other Way Around Just By Running The Shortcut. After You Have Start The Expansion, Activate The Trainer Options Via The Corresponding Hotkeys. Keep In Mind That This Game Crashes/Does Not Work With The Source Game, Doom 3. It Is Just For The Expansion.
Trainer Options:-
1) Unlimited Health: Freezes Your Health At 999. This Will Make You Invincible 100% - Even Scripted Events Like Deep Falls                         Won't Kill You!!!
2) Unlimited Armour: Freezes Your Armour At 999.
3) Unlimited Stamina: Freezes Your Stamina At Full Capacity. With This You Can Run Indefinately.
4) Unlimited Oxygen: Freezes Your Oxygen At 100 (Full). With This You Won't Have To Hurry While Outside.
5) Unlimited Ammo: Freezes Ammo Of All Weapons (Including Grenades) At 999. With This You Can Massacre Those Hell-Born       Creatures!!!
That's It. Hope You Enjoy My Trainer.

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