Dragon Age: Origins (+2 Trainer)

Dragon Age: Origins (+2 Trainer)

Dragon Age: Origins (+2 Trainer)

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                           -*- P R E S E N T S -*-
                      DRAGON AGE ORIGINS PLUS 2 TRAINER
       Notes On Crack/Credits                     Game Information
  Date of Release  02-Nov-2009        Release type  Trainer
  Nr. of Options   2                  Supplied by   Skidrow
  RlsName          ru-daop2           Disks            01
                             Important Note
This release has been released in the scene for sceners. If you downloaded this
release from a cheat/crack websites you  should be aware of the fact  that this
release is free  and not meant  to be paid  for. We do  not in any  way condone
sites   that   charge  money  for   material  created   for  copyrighted  work.
cheat/crack  websites generate  both income  in  the  form of  advertising  and
selling accounts  for a  monthly fee.    They are  indirectly making  money off
piracy and  someones elses work. We  do not want  this or any  other release to
be  posted  on  cheat/crack  websites  or  any  site   that charges   money  to
download them.  Dont support the people who makes money off piracy.
 We're in this for the fun, not to make a profit!
                                  Game Notes
 From  BioWare,  the  makers  of  Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old
 Republic,  and  Baldur's  Gate  comes  Dragon Age: Origins. An epic tale of
 violence,  lust,  and  betrayal,  Dragon  Age:  Origins  is a single player
 role-playing  game  (RPG)  set in a fantasy game environment, and featuring
 three  playable  character  classes, accessible in the form of three races.
 In  addition, the game features extreme character customization, a new game
 engine,   party-based   gameplay  utilizing  non-player  characters  and  a
 built-in  personal  history  system  for  each  hero  character rooted in a
 variety of possible origin stories.
 In  Dragon  Age:  Origins  the  survival  of humanity rests in the hands of
 those  chosen by fate. You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient
 order  of  guardians who have defended the lands on the continent of Thedas
 throughout  the  centuries.  Betrayed  by  a  trusted general in a critical
 battle,  you  must  hunt  down the traitor and bring him to justice. As you
 fight  your  way  towards the final confrontation with an evil nemesis, you
 will  face  monstrous foes and engage in epic quests to unite the disparate
 peoples  of  a  world  at  war. A romance with a seductive shapeshifter may
 hold  the  key  to  victory,  or  she may be a dangerous diversion from the
 heart  of  your  mission.  To be a leader, you must make ruthless decisions
 and  be  willing  to  sacrifice your friends and loved ones for the greater
 Dragon  Age:  Origins is a 3D oriented RPG based in a dark, heroic, fantasy
 realm  where  moral  choices  have  a  lasting impression on the people you
 meet,  the  members  of  your  own  party  and  the  world  around you. The
 inclusion  of  subtitle  "Origins"  in  the  game's title refers to the six
 unique  origin  stories  available to new heroes as a new game begins. Each
 of  these  has  an  impact  on  the  player's  motivations  and  his or her
 experience,  and  renders a unique prelude, path, and possible ending(s) to
 the  game. There are many different endings to the game based on the origin
 story  of  the  character  and the choices you make as you play through the
 game.  The  game  features  three  character  classes--warrior,  mage,  and
 rogue--and  three  races  of  being--Human,  Elf  or Dwarf--that can assume
 these  classes.  Although most game elements, such as weapons, magic, etc.,
 are  available  to  any  character,  each  class  and  race  has  different
 strengths,  abilities  and  affinities  which  lend  themselves  to  better
 utilizing different elements.
 Dragon Age: Origins is a single player game based on party-based gameplaythe use of poison, traps and herbalism; dual-wielding skills; and "spell combos," which allow players to chain together different spells to create a unique effects.
 and  combat  where  the player can join, control and quest with up to three
 non-player  characters  (NPCs).  Players  can  also  quest alone if they so
 choose,  but  with the chance of survival are slim. Convincing NPCs to join
 you,  and  treating  them  well  may  be necessary depending on the varying
 sentiments  between  the  player  and  the NPC, or between the NPC's in the
 party  based  on  the chosen history written into the origin story accepted
 at  the  beginning  of  the  game. This uncertainty allows for a variety of
 possible  dynamics  within  the  party ranging from open hostility, all the
 way  to  romance.  The  game  progresses  in real-time via a pause-and-play
 tactical  combat  system  that allows the player to check inventory levels,
 equip  a  character,  etc. in a slight vacuum. Additional features found in
 the  game  include:  a combination of a standard loot system and a currency
 system  based  on  gold silver and copper; advanced character customization
 Key Game Features
     *  BioWares  deepest  universe  to date with over 80 hours of gameplay
       and  more  than  double  the  size and scope of Mass Effect. o Travel
       throughout  dozens  of  environments  and fully immerse yourself in a
       shattered  world  that  is  on  the brink of utter annihilation. o An
       epic story that is completely shaped and reactive to your play style.
     * Complex moral dilemmas offering no easy choices.
           o  Tailor  your  Dragon  Age:  Origins  experience  from the very
           beginning  by  choose from six different origin stories. o Decide
           how  to  handle  complex  issues like murder, genocide, betrayal,
           and  the  possession/sacrificing of children without the security
           of a good/bad slider to tell you what to do.
     *  Full character customization allowing the player to sculpt a hero in
       your  own  image or fantasy. o Elaborate character creator allows you
       to  create  your  own  hero  unique  from  anyone  else. o Shape your
       characters  personality  and  morality based on the choices you make
       throughout the game.
     *  Engage  in bone-crushing, visceral combat engaging in battle against
       massive  and  terrifying  creatures.  o  Unleash legendary powers and
       choose   from  over  100  different  magical  spells  and  skills.  o
       Experience  the adrenaline rush of brutal combat, beheading your foes
       or   casting   spells   that   make   enemies  explode  from  within.
                  Release Notes
 1. Extract RARs
 2. Run Trainer or the Game first
 3. Use desired Keys
 4. Have fun!
 Trainer Options:
 Ctrl + F1 - Unlimited Health for the selected Party member [ON/OFF]
 Ctrl + F2 - Unlimited Stamina/Mana for the selected Party member [ON/OFF]
             General Stuff/ReUnion News/Greets/Contact/etc..
 Team ReUnion is currently looking for :
 - talented people that candle DMA,Code-Shifting, requires coding skills in
   C++ or Delphi (no .NET).
 Fundemental Knowledge:
 We DONT send missing files or releases.
 We DONT support non.sceners how to unpack our or OTHER groups (wtf!) releases.
 We DONT allow our releases in P2P, edonkey or any 1clickhoster networks/forums.
 We DONT allow our releases on websites.
 We DONT want site offers.
                     We do this just for fun and competition.
 ReUnion salutes:
  Contact: removed
                      ASCII by the almighty iks/Titan

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