Extreme Paintbrawl 4 (Ammo Trainer)

Extreme Paintbrawl 4 (Ammo Trainer)

Extreme Paintbrawl 4 (Ammo Trainer)

Text file description:

 i Z U A L    P R E S E N T S
                             EXTREME PAINTBRAWL 4
              SUPPLIER..: Team iZUAL          DATE..: 13/5/2002
             CRACKER...: Team iZUAL          TYPE..: Trainer
            PACKAGER..: Team iZUAL          SIZE..: 01 X 1MB
           TESTER....: Team iZUAL          OS....: WinAll
             R E L E A S E    I N F O
              Run the Traienr and use:
                 Key:          Option:
                  ALT + F10  -  Unlimeted Ammo
                   ALT + F11  -  Resume to normal                                              2 -    Resume all to normal
                  /Team iZUAL
             I N S T A L L    I N F O
             Just start iZUAL.exe
               G R O U P    I N F O
    iZUAL is awlays looking for:
        - 10mbit+ Hq's
        - T3+ Shellboxes
        - Experienced Cracker
        - Experienced Trainer Makers
       - Talented Coders (delphi/c++/asm)
    - Software Suppliers
                 IRC..: #iZUAL @ EFNET
                 WEB..: No
                 Mail.: iZUAL@Herzeleid.net
                nfo done by KosKa/TNC

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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