Fantastic 4 (+5 Trainer)

Fantastic 4 (+5 Trainer)

Fantastic 4 (+5 Trainer)

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Title   - Fantastic 4
Options - +5
Date    - 27/06/05
Version - 1.0
Proper Note:
The trainer by paramount gives the cpu infinite health also here
is the proper with a working health hack.
Other Note:
I see that a member of asdox by the name of alienL proped one
of my trainers because my trainer was ****** apparently if u didnt start
it first well this is a load of crap it works and was tested before release.
So next time you want to prop me get it right and learn to speak
******* english. Later
On with the show
Place the trainer in the game
directory where game.exe is located.
Default directory
C:Program FilesActivisionFantastic FourGame
F2 - Infinite Health   - Gives you infinite health
F3 - Infinite Cosmic   - Gives you infinite comsmic power
F4 - Infinite Time     - Only works on Arena battle mode round time.
F5 - Enemy No Fire     - Disables all ai on the level including teamates
                         except of course you.
F6 - Enemy No Fire OFF - Turns the above baby off.
F7 - 1 Hit Kill        - Simple as that everything will now die in 1 hit.
                         except you and your teammates.
F8 - Disable All       - Turn All the above off
Other notes:
Infinite health and 1 hit kill only works on single player not coop/multiplayer
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