Final Fantasy 8 trainer beta 1.7

Final Fantasy 8 trainer beta 1.7

Final Fantasy 8 trainer beta 1.7

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Final Fantasy VIII trainer version BETA1.7
Final Fantasy VIII trainer (PC version).
Currently can edit items and money.
Either run the game first, then the trainer, or run the trainer first, then the game.
Once the game is running, ALT-TAB back to windows to use the trainer.
All the editing I believe are self-explanatory.
Notes on GF editing:
The ability slot in the game can hold a maximum of 22 abilities. If you add too much, some will be inaccessible (from the game).
Notes on character editing:
To increase your character's level, increase the experience of your character.
Also, it seems if you add/change the following magic for one of your characters:
Thunder Attack Gf
Ice Attack Gf
Fire Attack Gf
Siren Attack Gf
Earth Attack Gf
Non-Elemental Gf
Reflect Gf
Water Gf
Wind Gf
Double / Triple Gf
The game would exit suddenly (thanks to <> for pointing this out).
If this happens, just don't choose the above magic.
If anyone knows why this happen, please email me (maybe the magic doesn't exist, or have to do/get something first?).
I'm not sure how the game exactly calculates the numbers for the following (if anyone has any info, please email me):
- max HP,
- various stats of the characters (Str, Vit, Mag, Spr, Sp, Luck),
- Compatibility with GF.
maybe others also.
When you go to edit your character, the max HP and various stats may be displayed as 0, and GF compatibility as something ridiculously high.
However, if just want the maximum stat, then just type in 9999 for HP, 255 for the various stats, and 1000 for GF compatibility.
In the game, the values should be displayed as is (ie. 9999, 255..., and 1000).
If the trainer doesn't recognize the version of FF8 currently running, or the trainer is showing garbage, then try the "Find Address in Memory" utility.
To use the utility, first, load a savegame from the game.
After the savegame is loaded, use ALT-TAB straight away - don't do anything to your character, like moving around or anything.
From the trainer, open the savegame you just loaded.
Then click on "Find".
Hopefully, an address would be found. Use this address on the address box.
Could you please also send me the length and address displayed, as well as the version of the game (and other infos (language, etc) you may have), thanks.
B1.4 to B1.5:
- Added ability to edit cards.
About the trainer
At first I was going to create a savegame editor for FF8. This, I thought, was better than a trainer, because it would most likely work with different versions of FF8.
I managed to compress / decompress the savegame, however, I wasn't able to figure out the check routine employed by the game (or where the check bytes are for that matter). The game does this check everytime a savegame is loaded.
If anyone manages to find out the details of the check, please email me.
However, I found out (demo) that when you start a new game, the game loads a default savegame from FF8 directory, and doesn't do a check in this case.
So this means that you can decompress a savegame, edit it to your heart's content, compress it again, then just rename it to the default savegame in FF8 directory. Then, to load this edited savegame in the game, just start a new game, and your savegame will be loaded instead! and with no check too....
However, this sounds too cumbersome. So instead, there is a Find Address utility in the trainer. The trainer loads the specified savegame, decompress it, then takes 60 bytes of the decompressed savegame starting at offset 0x180. It then searches for these 60 bytes in memory.
Do email any comments, suggestions and bugs to me.
FF8 trainer copyright (C) 2000 Riky S. All rights reserved.
Check for updates and other info.
Thanks to <> and Junyang <> for memory address info.
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.

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