Front Mission Evolved v1.1 (+7 Trainer)

Front Mission Evolved

Front Mission Evolved v1.1 (+7 Trainer) [h4x0r]

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h4x0r #
                             .: h4x0r Present :.
                    Front Mission Evolved v1.1 + 7 Trainer
   Release On   : 1  November 2010         Disk Amount/Format : 1 rar
   Type of Game : Mech Action              Plataform   : STEAM
   Game Version : v1.1                     Fixed Exe : SKIDROW
        In the year 2171, the world is a changed place. The countries
        have merged into massive rival super nations called USN and
        OCU. The human race started a massive push into space by
        building orbital elevators to set up surveillance satellites
        to watch over their adversaries. However, tension rises when
        one of the USN's elevators being built is destroyed by unknown
        forces. Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly
        caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling
        alliances in a new war brewing between the OCU and the USN.
        Third-Person Shooter Action - Fast-paced action awaits as
        players battle enemies in the concrete mazes of cities, the
        frozen wastes of the Antarctic and a host of unique locations.
        Customization Options - Players can strategize their combat by
        choosing from dozens of weapons, shoulder attachments, and
        wanzer parts to build a war machine that suits their play
        Online Multiplayer - FME is the first in its series to boast
        online multiplayer with a team-based mode with up to 4 on 4
        Wanzer sized death matches
        Over the top visuals - Features breathtaking CG movies by
        Visual Works, the cutting-edge studio whose previous work
        includes cut scenes for the acclaimed FINAL FANTASY series.
        Battle Skills - Gain a tactical advantage over an opponent by
        equipping your weapons with a wide variety of different skills
        such as a corrosive or piercing shot.
        Edge System - Activate the EDGE system on your wanzer to enter
        a state of high performance overdrive by boosting it's power
        and slowing down enemies.
                             Trainer Options:
                    INSERT - ENABLE TRAINER
                    NUMPAD1 - UNLIMITED HEALTH
                    NUMPAD2 - UNLIMITED ENERGY
                    NUMPAD3 - UNLIMITED CASH
                    NUMPAD4 - UNLIMITED AMMO
                    NUMPAD5 - NO WEAPON OVERLOAD
                    NUMPAD6 - ONE HIT KILLS
                    NUMPAD7 - SAVE POSITION
                    NUMPAD8 - LOAD POSITION
                    HOME - DISABLE ALL
                                SC ENGINE
                             Ascii by [jx0!]
    Team Members:
    Trainer Maker  ................................................ [ h4x0r # ]
    GameHacker .................................................... [ Cocodrilo ]

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