Future Cop LAPD trainer

Future Cop LAPD trainer

Future Cop LAPD trainer

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                               [ P r e s e n t s ]                   AB!DF2^SAC
                   Future Cop LAPD Trainer / Electronic Arts
  Trainer    : miRamax                 :  Released   : November 22th, 1998
  Supplier   : -                       :  Protection : CD Checks
  Stripper   : -                       :  Game Type  : Action.
  Packager   : miRamax                 :  # of Disks : 01 X 2.88 MB
          Pentium 90, 16MB RAM, 8 MB RAM, 95 MB HD, Direct X 6, Win9x
                             [ G a m e   N o t e s ]
  This trainer offers you unlimited armo to kill those bastards with.
  Just start the game and hit F12 when you need unlimited armo.
  Greets to: China Blue, Mr.Skill,  Hemp Hoodlum, Prozac, aTm,  Devil, Xoanon,
             CATMAN, Juice,  Grudge, TrainMan, TheCa, Animal & Dogfriend, ZeC,
             John Lennon,  Fallen Angel,  OfD,  Smokey, Miramax,  Mr. Sandman,
             Moeb,  Spectral Illusion, MGD, Buller,  LeChucky,  Magnetic King,
             Byte, Jaydee, D-Unknown, Horde, Principal, and Pr0zac Addict!
                         [ I n s t a l l   N o t e s ]
  UnZIP and copy trainer.exe to the installed dir and execute.
                            [ G r o u p   N e w s ]
  Still lonely. Still good. Still CLASS!
                     [ F A C T I O N   M a n i f e s t o ]
       In lieu of  recent  events  contributing to the  breakdown  of the  now
  defunct S.P.A. (Software Piracy Association), a private  meeting between the
  key contributing and  contending groups was held.  On October  15th, 1998 an
  agreement and compromise was reached between the 3 attending parties, CLASS,
  PARADIGM and RAZOR 1911.  Let it be known that this type of compromise could
  not be  achieved under  the  S.P.A. environment; it  took a  clean  break to
  accomplish in  a day what had  previously gone  unaccomplished in  2 months.
  The end  result being a  new council whose sole  purpose is to set standards
  for  the  game-releasing subsector of  the  scene, to  be  adhered to by all
  admitted  parties.  Represented  members  of  this  new  council  named  THE
  FACTION, have  pledged to abide by the  following set of rules created a) to
  ensure  a quality minded  end  result  and b) to encourage  fair  play and a
  productive competitive environment for involved groups.
  The Faction 10 Point Program:
  1.  The disk  limit  is as of  now  50 x 2.88 megabytes or  2,915,328 bytes.
      This  equates  to a  total  of  144  megabytes  of  compressed  data  or
      145,766,400 bytes.  Using 2.88  megabyte archives enables us to keep the
      standard  8 character filename with a 3 character  extension.  This will
      also   help  contribute  to   the  elimination  of   the 'missing  disk'
      phenomenon,  plaguing  end-users   worldwide.   Acceptable   compression
      formats  at this  time  are ACE  or  RAR, followed  by  the  traditional
  2.  Every release  under  this  limit will be  a functionally  and  playably
      complete  game.  This  means  that  included  will  be  every  component
      necessary for the successful completion of the game (every level, track,
      course and other NECESSARY component).
  3.  Sound effects WILL and MUST be included.
  4.  Intros,  Outros and  Cut-Scenes  should be  removed  if the size of  the
      release is 40  x 2.88 disks  or more with them  included.  Intros should
      NOT be  iuncluded  in a  Movie Add-On,  only Cut-Scenes  and  Outro (aka
      End-Scene) should be  included.  Animation files, such  as .SMKs, should
      be "framed"  and  not blacked out.  Re-indexing of  large  files, should
      consist  of an actual re-index instead  of just creating  a file full of
      0's, (which  doesn't  change  the  actual  file size, but  allows  it to
      compress to virtually nothing), thus promoting  more quality minded rips
      and cracks.
  5.  Only  2 Add-Ons should be  released per game.  Each Add-On should  be no
      more than 25 x 2.88 megabyte archives.
  6.  A brief  outline  of what  has been  stripped from the  game  should  be
      clearly stated in  the  game-release .NFO, as  well as information as to
      whether or not Add-Ons can be expected.
  7.  Children's games (aka  Kiddie  games) and  Edutainment  software  do not
      qualify under THE FACTION's guidelines for acceptable releases.
  8.  In regard  to games  distributed  in the  United States  that are  LATER
      distributed in Europe  or vice versa under  the same or different name /
      publisher.  These games  if released  AFTER another group's  release are
      counted  as DUPES  unless  it can  be  proven that  there  is  a clearly
      noticeable PLAYABLE  difference in the  latter release (eg. new  levels,
      enhanced graphics, or other new features).
  9.  Fully  cracked Update Patches  and Trainers are highly  regarded, though
      they are not  the responsibility  of any group (including  that of which
      released the original game.)  If 2 trainers from the same  or  different
      groups are released  for 1 game, this  does NOT qualify as a dupe unless
      the latter trainer provides no new features over the prior trainer.
  10. Admittance to  THE FACTION is  done on an   invite / vote-in basis.  The
      group invitation  must be proposed  before ALL  current FACTION  member-
      group representatives, and the corresponding vote must  be undertaken by
      ALL FACTION  member-group  representatives.  This  council operates in a
      purely  democratic  manner and  all  parties therein have upon  joining,
      agreed to  follow all stated  guidelines  of this  Declaration  of Scene
      Independence.  Today is not only a new dawn  in the games scene, but our
      Independence Day where  differences are  at least  temporarily put aside
      and our unity re-consolidated.
  This document was signed & approved  on October 17th, 1998  by the following
  individuals, representing their respective groups:
        Mr.Skill - [CLASS] - ZEUS [PARADIGM] - The Punisher [RAZOR 1911]
                      [ A p p l i c a t i o n   I n f o ]
  Interested in joining?  We are looking  for talented new members to  help us
  fill  the ranks!  If you fall  within any of  the following  categories, you
  might just be what we're looking for:
     * If you work for a software developer, distributor, or publisher!
     * If you can supply unreleased games, utilities, or even hardware!
     * If you work for an ISP, or other provider of shell accounts, etc!
     * If you feel that you have anything else that might be of value to us!
                      [ C o n t a c t i n g   C L A S S ]
  Should you wish to  make contact with our members, we can  easily be reached
  via E-Mail at support@class101.com
                             "Business as usual."
     -<>    <    >
                       Dizzident - Elmo - Ramirez
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 Welcome Lepraguru, Sutte, Underwood, Conar, G Nome and Slammar!
 And welcome back to Kang6902!
                                                  - Jaydee
   Well the way you contact us is not the same way you contact other
  groups, we won't offer you any hardware, or bought shells, or money
  for your services. We work on the honesty of the scene, we like to
  believe there are some sort of morals and rules left in the scene,
  and that loyalty to groups still remains there. If you share those
  beliefs, go for it, contact one of our members and we will consider
  your membership, but if you fall into the category of couriers that
  require payment for their services please don't waste our time.
  We are looking for people who work hard, are loyal, and are looking
  for friends to share the few good moments of the warez scene.
  If you are like this, contact us, it will be a pleasure to talk
  to you :D
  Wise quote of the month:
  "Why have a life or even sleep when u can trade ?"
                                                      - Jaydee
 Many thanks go out to Storm Trooper, Spy, Meter and Ipggi for doing
 such a great job on our web page!
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                      NFO updated by Jaydee 09/17/1998
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This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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