Genewars trainer

Genewars trainer

Genewars trainer

Text file description:                       GENEWARS Beta Editor 2.00                           11/19/96
         Copy GenWedit.EXE to your GENEWARS directory. NOT the GENEWARSSAVE directory!!!
         Once Done, start a game. Save it. Quit Genewars. And type "GenWedit" [HIT ENTER].
         Edit your saved-game to your liking.
         I advise saving your game as SOON as you start a new level - if you intend to edit
         that game. Otherwise you might not get all the goop you want - if you`ve built
         some goop silos then you`ll just fill `em up.
         Also, this game is a beta version. Which means that it works as far as it has been
         tested - to level 5. I can`t guarantee that the goop level is contiuously saved
         at the same offset in your saved game file.
         The program I use to research saved-game files is of my own creation. It is programmed
         in C++ and is designed for DOS. It works in a Windows 95 DOS window also.
         Should you have a liking to discovering game files yourself then I will give it to
         you for FREE. Completely functioning, bug-free, and Updated!!!
         Just E-mail me at and I will send it to you via E-mail attachment.
                                          That`s it. Enjoy!


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This is almost always a false alarm.

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