Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (+19 Trainer)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (+19 Trainer)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (+19 Trainer)

Text file description:

                          - ascii by Shaikh Adeel
                            - modded by Wiccaan
                                  ExTaLiA Gamehacking Team
                                  eXtalia Proudly Presents
     [ Releaser Name   ] ..... Psych
     [ Releaser Email  ] ..... psych[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk
     [ Release Name    ] ..... San Andreas Multiplayer +19 Trainer
     [ Release Type    ] ..... Trainer
     [ Release Version ] ..... v1.0
     [ Release Size    ] ..... 56.9 Kb
     [ Release Date    ] ..... 15/04/2008
     [ Game Size       ] ..... GTASA: 14,383,616 bytes (Hoodlum) / SAMP: 364,544 bytes
     [ Game Version    ] ..... GTASA: v1.0 (EU) / SAMP v0.2.2
                                       Release Usage
       - Run the Game and the Trainer in any order
       - Try to pause the game before activating cheats to avoid potential problems
       - Use the cheat hotkeys (see below)
       - Enjoy!
       **(Shift+A) Infinite Health**
       Does exactly what it says on the tin!
       Gives you a mxed out and frozen health bar.
       You will no longer die from explosions, falls, bullets, drowning, whilst on.
       Note however, that each server can vary in the gamemode scripts they use.
       This means that if a server is keeping track on your health and it thinks you
       are dead, then this code will have no effect. Just bear it in mind.
       Although, in my experience, i've always had a lot of joy with this cheat.
       **(Shift+B) Infinite Armour**
       Ok, you ask why I split the options up.. why didn't I do an all-in god mode?
       Well, been multiplayer, it is usually very obvious to see someone suddenly
       receive a full armour bar above their player's head.
       I have split them up so you can play about, and achieve a combination that
       works best for you in the given situation.
       This slightly differs from the above code though. If you use this cheat by
       itself, you can still die from falls, drowning and explosions, as the armour
       will only protect you from bullets. Pretty obvious at that.
       **(Shift+C) Infinite Oxygen**
       Activate this and your oxygen meter will never fall when under water.
       **(Shift+D) Infinite Ammo**
       Doesn't require explaining does it? Ok, well this will prevent your ammo from
       depleting. It will stop the current clip ammo from ever decreasing,
       so its effectively no-reload too.
       **(Shift+E) Infinite Stamina**
       You will never get tired whilst sprinting and swimming at full speed.
       **(Shift+F) Mega Jump**
       Exactly what it says. Your player will perform mega jumps as opposed
       to regular jumps. Use this to get into hidden areas, on buildings, over
       fences and so on.Use with care though around players. Its very obvious!
       **(Shift+G) Suicide**
       I guess it has its uses. Such as killing yourself before that other cheater
       that has been chasing you can take all the glory.
       Or just to clear the bounty of your head and plain annoy people.
       Other than that, I'm out of ideas for it, but its there none-the-less.
       **(Shift+H) Give $100**
       I have split up the cash options and ditched any 'max cash' options.
       This is because most server now employ automated ban filters.
       You would be banned instantly if your cash maxed itself out,
       or increased by a large amount.
       Depending on the server/situation you could use this code or the below code.
       You will thank me for doing this. Besides you don't need exponential amounts.
       **(Shift+I) Give $1000**
       Will give you that liltte bit extra you might want compared to the above.
       It can get annoying adding $100 over a period of time, so here is a stepped-up
       version of the cheat. Again, I will say that splitting up the cash is wise.
       The first vehicle hack is tank mode.
       Basically, your vehicle is indestructible. Activating this code will work
       until you reload the game/join another server, so it can be left on if needed.
       Be careful with this code, just like with the player health codes.
       Sometimes it is obvious when you are using such a code.
       Multiple players smashing into you, or an admin firing rockets at you to test.
       Thats what the hotkeys are for. Turn it off when needed or use sparingly.
       This usually (but not always) has the effect or repairing a damaged vehicle,
       but it depends on the gamemode that the server is running.
       **(Shift+K) Enhancements**
       This will tune-up your car a little.
       It will give you an increased handling over the car, in other words,
       perfect handling. It will also add hydraulics to any car you get in to.
       **(Shift+L) Cars have NOS**
       All cars you choose to drive will have NOS automatically equipped.
       Just get in and press the usual key you have got assigned to it.
       Good for races etc. Its not infinite, because that is way too obvious.
       Once activated, you have a blue-coloured exhaust constantly, and this
       is very easy to spot. As a result I have not implemented that option.
       **(Shift+M) Drive on Water**
       Removed from the PC version altogether they say...
       WHAT?! Not anymore! The cheat was available in the console versions
       as a push-button code. In the pc version, no keyboard code exists.
       Why? It is unknown, but it is implemented to a extent, and i've opened it
       up for you to use. The animations look buggy when activated and on land.
       But other than that it works perfect.
       Grab a fast car and combine this the NOS and flying codes and have fun!
       **(Shift+N) Flying Vehicles**
       Land vehicles and boats gain the ability to fly.
       Pick up a bit of speed and pull back as if you are in a plane to lift-off.
       Best used with a bit of NOS.
       Probably the biggest risk of them all though.
       "Admin, admin, that guy is flying, look!". Hmmm... whatever...
       **(Shift+O) Big Bunny-Hops**
       This will enable any mountain bike/BMX or similar to perform huge bunny-hops.
       You can now jump onto buildings, between buildings, over fences.
       It looks really cool performing proper stunts. You can also mimic backflips
       and other, otherwise impossible, actions.
       Don't do this in a crowded area though, its suspicious.
       **(Shift+P) Auto-Tyres**
       One of my favourites. You cannot get popped tyres, ever!
       If someone shoots your tyres it will just bounce of like it hit the bodywork.
       This works for all land vehicles and bikes.
       Depending on the server script though, you might already have unpoppable tyres
       I recommend you use this whenever you are in a car for a long time.
       **(Shift+Q) Car Locking**
       Very handy indeed. This will stop anyone from dragging you out of your car.
       It will lock the doors on first activation, then deactivating the code will
       unlock the doots. You can also use this on server with locked vehicles.
       Certain server (like the official SAMP ones) have admin-only vehicles.
       This will enable you to open the doors and steal those when you've found them.
       A lot of servers now lock vehicle doors automatically to stop people from
       annoyingly dragging others out of vehicles. But you can play about with this.
       **(Shift+R) Arm with Bomb**
       When this code is activated it will attach a bomb (invisible) to your vehicle.
       Just like in singleplayer when you have visited a bomb-shop.
       Press the usual fire button when inside a vehicle to activate the bomb.
       Then get out of there. The fuse will trigger after several seconds.
       In multiplayer, if another player steals your vehicle after you have armed
       the bomb, it will nullify. As far as their client is concerned, there is no
       bomb even in the vehicle. So I would recommend you are the bomb,
       then drive fast into a crowded area and jump out at last minute.
       **(Shift+S) Save Position**
       Teleport options time!
       Pretty self-explanatory. Activate this code to save your current position.
       **(Shift+T) Restore Position**
       Use this after the above code to restore your position back to the last save.
       Be careful when teleporting back into a crowded area.
       Again, this can be extremely obvious when a player does this.
       **(Shift+U) Gravity to 50%**
       This will halve the current game gravity as far as your client is concerned.
       Obviously this will only effect you and not other players.
       Now people will wonder how you are managing to do all these crazy jumps.
       Works on foot and in vehicles. Can be used as an alternative to the flying
       vehicles code above. Its less obvious and still a lot of fun.
       Toggle the code again to turn the feature off and restore the game gravity.
       This code may not work depending on the server you are on.
       Note: This trainer was released on the 15th April 2008.
       I used Hoodlum's fixed v1.0 .exe to create this trainer.
       This is an EU (european executable).
       Amercian versions have a different structure and therefore will not work
       with this trainer. Switching .exe's may work although
       I have not tested this myself.
       I take no responsibility for what may happen if you use this trainer online.
       For me, this was a research project and nothing more.
       If you get banned from servers, suspended by your ISP, or locked up,
       is your own problem, and by using this trainer you agree to this.
       STN, Wiccaan, Sunbeam, Labyrnth, Kemicza and all at eXtalia!
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