Gubble 2 trainer

Gubble 2 trainer

Gubble 2 trainer

Text file description:

		                         1 9 1 1         <JED>
                        Razor 1911 Proudly Presents:
                              Gubble 2 Trainer
                          (c) Actual Entertainment
    Supplied By : Miramax                    Release Date : August 1st 1998
    Cracked By  : -                         Protection Type : -
      Game Type : Platform                      System Type : WIN95/98
      Packed By : Miramax                   3D Acceleration : hi mom!
                      Requirements: The Paradigm release
                       Game Notes & Crack Information
   This little trainer offers the following features:
   F11 : Unlimited Health
   F12 : Unlimited Fuel
   NOTICE!: This trainer only works for the 'windowed' version of the game.
            Enter the config, and change it to windowed application.
                                                   - Miramax / RAZOR 1911
                         Installation & Information
    Unzip and run the trainer.  If the trainer is located in the game
    directory you can simply hit start and it will automagicly load the
    program and start the trainer.  If not just load the game itself and
    then shell out to hit the start button. Wait for the game to load, then
    hit Scroll Lock and the trainer will enable the cheat and terminate)
                            Razor 1911 Greetings
 Personal : Jaydee, Manhunter, ][ce, DaJackal, Cypher, Acpizer, Stone,
            DrMabuse, Random, Trevis, Exeron, Devil, D-Unknown, Hetero, ATM
            Idmud&Yazz, Mason, Sundancer, Sakic, Beowulf, Outha, MrSandman,
            and the rest of Razor.
 Group    : Paradigm, Hybrid, Class, Origin, Devotion and PFT
                     Razor 1911 News & Announcements
  Razor 1911 would like to welcome Rien to the world famous Brotherhood.
  We look forward to many years of fine work from him. Good job bro. ;)
  Razor 1911 bids farewell to DaJackal as he rejoins his mates ][ce and
  Cypher in their new family Origin. Sorry things couldn't work out mate.
  Best wishes.
  PITBULL / Razor 1911
  RAZOR 1911 asks that you DO NOT send anything to the previous UK postal
  address, and furthermore, please redirect all email to the NEW email
  address given below! *ALL* email to the old email account will be lost!
  In 1992 and 1995, RAZOR 1911 let people of the scene own their very own
  piece of scene memorabelia with the famous RAZOR t-shirt. In a similar
  tri-yearly fashion (it's coincidence...) RAZOR is proud to be offering
  the 1998 RAZOR T-SHIRT. This is a limited time offer.  MANY people asked
  for a shirt a LONG time after we sold out of the 1995 version, so if you
  want one NOW is the time to ACT!
  Please see the order form at the BOTTOM of this .NFO for more details.
  SPECIAL NOTE: RAZOR is looking for TALENTED Store suppliers! If you
  happen to have a fast internet connection (cable/T1 or faster), live near
  a store such as EB/COMPUSA/ETC, and would be able to pick up games the
  DAY they hit stores, then contact RAZOR to apply for the position!
                        The Gods at Razor 1911 are:
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 TTD                   Member Site       XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX   Unlisted
 Zilla                 Member Site       XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX   Unlisted
 RH                    Affiliate Site    XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX   Unlisted
 Pxxxxxt X             WORLD BBS HQ      8  Node (s)       Unlisted
 Axxxx                 Canadian BBS HQ   13 Node (s)       Unlisted
 Entropy               Member BBS        2  Node (s)       dethr0w
 The Crypt             Member BBS        4  Node (s)       Spectre
NOTE: If your site is not on the above list, then your site is NOT in RAZOR!
ALSO: Beware fake RAZOR members! Anyone not listed is NOT in RAZOR!
               Do you want to be a part of the RAZOR legend?
 We are ALWAYS looking for talented PEOPLE to be a part of the RAZOR legend.
 Are you able to help in any of following areas:
 Do you work for a software house, store/shop, distributor, or publisher?
 Can you supply un-released games, utilities, or even some hardware?
 Are you working for a fast ISP, or other supplier of shell accounts, etc?
 Can you donate something else of value to the group?
        Do you want your site/board to be part of the RAZOR legend?
   If you run a  site/board  and are ready to contribute to the success
   of the oldest cracking group on the IBM, get in touch with us.  All of
   our siteops are actively participating in the success of the group, so
   if you plan to just sit there and run a board/site, forget it.
             Razor 1911 - "It just doesn't get any better than this."
                      You may reach us via E-mail at:
                       Razor 1911 World Wide Web Site
                       Razor 1911 Founder's Web Site
                          Razor 1911 For Supply-Mail
                                (No Name)
                                Suite 189
                                2611 North Hiatus Road
                                Cooper City, Florida
                                USA  33026
                (Or simply ask to join #RAZOR on EFNET IRC)
	  IF YOU LIKED THIS GAME, BUY IT. -*- R A Z O R  1 9 1 1 -*-
			      (c) 1985-1998
                       1998 RAZOR 1911 T-SHIRT ORDER FORM
 By reading the following, you understand and agree that these
 items are being sold as a novelty ONLY. T-shirts will be sold on a
 pre-order basis ONLY meaning that you MUST fill out this form
 COMPLETLEY and submit it along with your payment before you
 will be sent a shirt. Once payment has been received, your order
 will be filled within 5 buisness days. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for
 shipping. The cost of the shirts is $25.00 US funds for EACH shirt
 ordered. This price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.
 The only methods of payment that will be accepted are cash and money
 order. Send your payment to the following address.
 T-Shirt Offer
 Suite 189
 2611 North Hiatus Road
 Cooper City, FL 33026
 Size - S, M, L, XL: (  )
 Price Per Shirt - $25.00
 Quantity - (  )
 TOTAL - ($    )
 Address you want your shirt(s) sent to:
 Email address of sender (for communication purposes)
                         established june 1997.
                    aboul. blackbull. cybergod. dawn.
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           snap. storm. teklord. tom. torkie. treznor. viper1.
                 wadood. wolfje. wrecker. xanadu. xrex.             
                         boomer. doublee. klon.                     
                                                          THE SITES  
      realms of chaos   t-3   world hq
      the wolves' house   t-3   european hq
      da white house   t-3   us hq
      vision factory   t-3   courier hq
      tar valon   t-3   member
      the black lotus   t-1   member
      jukebox   t-3   iso   
                                                         GROUP NEWS  
           More then a year old now, ROCKING better then ever.
             Thanks to all who participated in our success.
                           GO RedWings GO!!!                        
         need to talk to us? find us in #equality on efnet.
              or mail us at                
         we are a group made up of friends. no egos allowed.
        we are all equal, and treat each other with respect.
       we believe in two things, equality for all members and
         quality in our couriering. that's the bottom line.
    ____________. ___________        .___________   ___________.
______  ____     |_         /________| ______.   |.| ____      |_________
   _____/   /_________ ____. /_  _______     |      (____)____. ._____. /___
  /     ___/         //    | ____/        |    | _____|_   |    |_|     | ___.
 /      >___    /)  /      |/        /)  |     \     /   |    _/|_    |/   /
/___       /____   (_______________)      |____________ __|    |   \___    /
   \_______    \______      /______//______            |     |      /___/
_ ______________________________________________________  |_____|  ________  _
    e      q      u      a      l      i      t     y  /___________  EQL!
     nfo header: blak  nfo layout: druggy  last updated: 06/16/98
                       nfo footer: cybergod
                   this fIle cOuld
                    nOt eScaPE tHE
                       cLawS Of
                                              ASCII Ex0
                          T H E   W O L V E S   H O U S E
            =[ Equality EHQ - Shock WHQ - NoBliege WHQ - Core EHQ ]=
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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