Heroes of Might and Magic 5:Hammers of Fate v2.1 (+4 Trainer)

Heroes of Might and Magic 5:Hammers of Fate v2.1 (+4 Trainer)

Heroes of Might and Magic 5:Hammers of Fate v2.1 (+4 Trainer)

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Heroes of Might and Magic V - Hammers of Fate trainer
 - A PC capable of running HMM5.
 - HMM5 HoF installed.
 - Unleashed EXE, v2.01
 - Extract hmm5hoftrn.exe anywhere you like.
 - Create a shortcut manually for easy access (totally optional step).
 - Start the trainer (either before or after the HMM5HoF has been started).
 - While the game is running, use the hotkeys for the desired effect.
 - Be sure to turn all options off before hitting end turn because I did not bother with player checks.
Known issues:
 - Created with TMK - some AV scanners might identify the trainer as a spyware (for its hotkey DLL).
 - There is no player check - failure in turning the trainer options off before hitting "end turn" results in training the computer opponent(s).
 - Too big armies might crash the game (I never went above 30000 so I don't know).
 - Cheating in multi player games might result in crashes and getting yourself banned.
 - Infinite movement does not work as one might expect - you will need to hit space to continue moving on longer routes.
 - Sometimes it takes a few moments to the hotkey to be recognized. Be sure You heard the tick before you proceed.
Hotkeys/trainer options:
*** Infinite move
Allows your hero to move as far as you like. When hero stops, just hit space to continue movement.
F11 - Turn infinite movement ON.
F12 - Turn infinite movement OFF.
*** Infinite troop split
Allows you to enlarge your army by splitting them infinitely. However, the following conditions must meet:
 - You cannot split an army smaller than 2 units (this is obvious I think).
 - Army must be split into an empty slot (meaning SHIFT+click on an empty slot when you split the army).
 - There must be at least 1 unit left in the source army (meaning that if you move the slider all the way to the right, be sure to tick one back).
NUM1 - Turn infinite army split ON.
NUM3 - Turn infinite army split OFF.
*** Infinite building
Allows you to build infinitely during a single turn.
NUM4 - Turn infinite building ON.
NUM6 - Turn infinite building OFF.
*** Infinite gold
Whenever you buy something, all raw materials will be set to 9999 and gold will be set to 900 000. "buy" means either one of these actions (meaning will not work with any other):
 - Buying troops in city or dwelling.
 - Building structures in cities.
 - Buying war machines.
 - Buying artifacts.
Because you can do these any time (a tier 1 unit costs like 20 gold), I did not bother hacking the marketplace.
NUM7 - Turn infinite gold ON.
NUM9 - Turn infinite gold OFF.
*** All back to normal
I added this to make it easy to reset everything before the end of turn.
NUM- - This will turn all trainer options OFF.
 - Olivier Pasqualini, Corsica Production for TSearch and TMK
 - 3DO for HMM series
 - Ubi Soft for ******* up the HMM series
21st of August, 2007

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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