Heroes of Might and Magic 6 v1.2 (+8 Trainer)

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 v1.2 (+8 Trainer)

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 v1.2 (+8 Trainer) [Geri]

Text file description:

This trainer has been made for Heroes of Might and Magic 6.
It should support v1.2 or higher. Tested with v1.2.
First run the trainer.
Then run the game.
Hit number keys on the numerical keyboard to turn options on/off. Make sure that NumLock is active.
There are 8 options in this trainer:
1. Add resources with CTRL+F1-F4
2. Add units with CTRL+F5-F7, resurrect units with SHIFT and suicide with ALT
3. Unlimited Movement Points
4. Add ability points
5. Add EXP with CTRL+F8-F9
6. Add mana with CTRL+spellbook in combat
7. Unlimited Building per day with CTRL+click
8. Unlimited Recruits with CTRL+click
Add resources: Enable the cheat and after that, you can add resources with CTRL+F1-F4. Working for the human player only.
CTRL+F1: Add gold
CTRL+F2: Add wood
CTRL+F3: Add ore
CTRL+F4: Add crystals
Add units: First you have to enable the cheat, then start a battle. In battle, hold down CTRL+F5-F7 and right-click on the army portrait at the bottom of the screen or right-click on the army itself.
CTRL+F5: Add 10 units to the army.
CTRL+F6: Add 100 units to the army.
CTRL+F7: Add 1000 units to the army.
SHIFT+right-click: Every dead unit will be resurrected in that stack (troops back to max).
ALT+right-click: Unit number will drop to 1 in that stack.
This cheat will also increase the max army size, so your units will remain remain with you after the battle too. Remember that this cheat is working in battles only, not on the map.
Unlimited Movement Points: Turn this cheat off before you press next turn. It's important so make sure it is turned off before proceeding.
Add ability points: Activate the cheat, open the ability tree and you will receive 10 ability points. If you need more, close the screen and open it again. When you have enough points, turn off this cheat.
Add EXP: Activate the cheat and then hold down CTRL+F8-F9 and click on the hero's face to open the hero menu.
CTRL+F8: Add 10000 exp.
CTRL+F9: Add 100000 exp.
You will not see the changes first but if you close the panel and open it again, you will see the exp was added.
You have to gain exp in the game to level up.
Add mana with CTRL+spellbook in combat: When this cheat is activated, hold down the CTRL button when you open
your spellbook and you will have 1000 mana. It is working in combat only. After battle, your mana will be on
the maximum amount.
Unlimited Building per day with CTRL+click: Hold down the CTRL button when you build a building and you can
keep building them as long as you want. If you cannot build in that turn anymore, hold down the CTRL when you
open the building panel and you can build again.
Unlimited Recruits with CTRL+click: Hold down the CTRL button when you are recruiting troops and the number of
recruits will not decrease. This way you can recruit as many troops as you want.
You can send Your comments and bugreports to trainers4free@gmail.com
For more trainers or possible updates, check out http://www.szemelyesintegracio.hu/cheats
Some information about virus reports for trainers generally. Read it before You post something about some virus.

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