Heroes of Might and Magic money patch

Heroes of Might and Magic money patch

Heroes of Might and Magic money patch

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Complete Heroes Editor v1.1        | Freeware Version
Copyright (c) 1995 Weslee Bilodeau | Instruction File
Use this program at your own risk, I can not be held responsible for any
lost or damaged files as a result of using this program.  I give no
warranty, express or implied for this program.
Yello!  This is version 1.1 of my editor, I have finally completed the basics
of the castle editor.  You are now able to edit the structures and creatures
within your castles!  This version is being released as FREEWARE.  I have
decided to keep all releases as freeware, at least untill version 1.5.
I would like to thank Robert Court for his E-Mail, his message kept this
editor as freeware.  Robert, I will add the item editor in the next release,
I promise. :)
Loading - To use is simple, put in the GAMES directory, and the only
command line option is the name of the file you wish to edit.  The rest
is explained inside the editor.
Global Keys -  All of the main keys have been made global throughout the
editor.  When you enter, the keys will be shown to you.  You no longer have
to return to the main menu to select a different editor, you can switch
off from within other editors.
Player Editor - The player editor will allow you to edit all your resources,
and your enemies (including thier inteligence).  Items you can edit have a
key in yellow that you can select.
Hero Editor - The hero editor will allow you to edit most of the important
options for your (and your enemies) heroes: Knowledge, Spell Power,
Experiance, Attack Skill, Defensive Skill, and all creatures in heroes slots.
Castle Editor - The castle editor will allow you to edit all the structures
in your castle, and the creatures residing within.  Also, what the castle
is designed for (Knight, Warlock, ect.).  However, it will NOT change the
picture of the castle on the main play screen.  I will fix this for future
releases.  If you change a Warlock's castle to a Knight's, it will change the
castle inside, but the outside will still look like a Warlocks.
Note also:  When you MAX all option, the Dock will NOT be added.  If you add
a dock to a location that is not near the open sea, unknown results may
happen.  Use the dock option at your own risk, if you know it is near water,
then change it, otherwise, it is suggested to keep it the same. (This option
will be fixed in my future releases).
Items still to come:
General Editor -
        o Edit the Day of week
        o Edit the "King of the Hill" option
Castle Editor -
        o Edit the number of creatures available in the structure
Hero Editor -
        o Change items heroes own
        o Change who owns the hero
        o Change all spells (and number) a hero has
        o Change the names of heros
Player Editor -
        o Change the color of any player
        o Edit which player is "human"
General -
        o Help files inside the editor
        o Switch files to edit without having to exit the editor
          (Still to lazy for this option, will get to it though) :)
Any suggestions that you have, please send them.
My Internet address is: Shano@gcomm.com
My CompuServe address is: 75552,1575

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