Heroes of Might and Magic money patch

Heroes of Might and Magic money patch

Heroes of Might and Magic money patch

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            ________   /    /________________________________________
           /____   /__/    /   \_______  \_______   \____________
    -=-=-=-=-/   _    \____    /   _  ___//   _  ___/     /    /    /-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-/    /    /   /   /    /   =/    /   /      /    /    /-=-=-=
           /____/    /_______/ ________//____/    / _____/ ________/
               / ___/(-Hsn!-)/             / ___//     /
               /                           /
                                Proudly Present
 Supplied by  Sharp                   Release Date     Sep 21th 1995
 Trained by   Sharp                   Protection       CD check
 Packaged by  Sharp                   Game Type        Role-Playing
 Stripped by  N/A                     Game Rating      90%
 Requirements: 486DX-2, 8MB RAM, DOS, VGA, 35MB free HD-space.
  Game Notes:
  When the smoke clears only heroes remains...and so does HYBRiD!
  We proudly bring you today, Heroes of Might and Magic, the next game in
  New World Computing's Might and Magic series. Now featuring all SVGA
  graphics and featuring complex battle scenarios. Special thanks goes out
  The Doc, for getting the original of this cool game, and to Widget for
  cracking. All speech/intro has been ripped out.
  Patch Notes:
  This patch only changes your cash to 99,999 in STANDARD GAME(s)
  Note I will be making a better patch soon, with will patch the saved game
  for Castles, Cash, Wood, Gold Etc., And will work in all types of games
  Just run copy hmmoney.exe to heroesgames, then run the exec and your set
  Group news:
  We welcome The Silo as our U.S. Headquarters, along with new members,
  Physco Stik and The Comanche.
  Welcome new members Specie, and The Doc and their boards Club Congo and
  No Bitchen 'Allowed.
  Finally We Welcome our new courier, Maverick, and say farewell to Dhunter
  and Mike & Dave.
  Special greets to  : The Doc, Specie, Misha, The Comanche, Physco Stik,
                       Widget, ZEUS, Bluewater, The Druid, HOSON, TRC,
                       Chainsaw Massacre, Maverick, Randall Flagg & Ustasa.
  Group greets       : Eclipse, Hoodlum, Phoenix & Tyranny.
                               Hybrid Membership
                               BlueWater & Hoson
 Big Balls, Celestial Wizard, ChainSaw MasSacre, Crackpot, Cyber, The Druid,
  Ice, MindBender, Mad Gunman, Mad Monkey, Mad Turnip, Misha, Mod, Mr.Terry,
   Physco Stik, Randall Flagg, Silver V, Specie, The Comanche, The Doc,
     The Renegade Chemist, The Undertaker, Zeus, Widget, and Wildcard.
               Bruce Lee, Chaft, Fatalman, Il Cattino, Maverick,
               Practical Joker, Sharp, Slain, Tiger, and Ustasa.
  Park Central          World HQ       16 Nodes    XXX-XXX-XXXX   CP/Silver V
  The Silo              U.S. HQ         6 Nodes    718-XXX-XXXX   Comanche
  Robin's First Orgasm  Canada HQ       5 Nodes    613-XXX-XXXX   Big Balls
  Fatal Future          Euro HQ        10 Nodes    +46-XXX-XXXX   MindBender
  Central Station       Dutch HQ        2 Nodes    +31-XXX-XXXX   Widget
  East BBS              Swedish HQ      3 Nodes    +46-XXX-XXXX   Mr.Terry
  The Graveyard         UK HQ           4 Nodes    +44-ITS-DOWN   Undertaker
  Druid's Keep          Australian HQ   8 Nodes    +61-XXX-XXXX   The Druid
  Club Congo            Member Board    3 Nodes    XXX-XXX-XXXX   Specie
  No Bitchen 'Allowed   Member Board    2 Nodes    XXX-XXX-XXXX   The Doc
  April Fools           Affiliate       3 Nodes    613-XXX-XXXX   PJoker
  Lxxxxxx Axxxxx       FTP Site       100 Nodes   XX.XXX.X.XXX    XXX
   You may contact Hybrid for any reasons (joining, fan/hate-mail, etc.)
   using one of the services listed beneath;
   Americans, e-mail us at: bwater@magi.com
   Europeans, e-mail us at: electro@tripnet.se
                       IRC: #hybrid
                       WWW: ****://www.coming.soon
                snail-mail: Hybrid
                            Kyrkog. 40
                            EuroBox 179
                            S-411 15  GOTHENBURG
                               Today's wise quote:
                            "CD-Rip?  NO!  CD-RAPE!"
        Legion Of Rising Distributors       ( 01/17/95 )
   [] Group/Release News []
     If you are interested in joining LoRD contact us on IRC or mail us
    at the address at the end of this info file.  By the way, those that
    thought we were dead, nah, we are back, gonna be stronger then ever!
               we are here to bring you the 0 hour/day warez
   [] GoDS Of Legion Of Rising Distributors []
                           [) Leader/Founder (]
                           CrimsonJu  Glacius
                            [) Senior/Council (]
            Morbid Genius   Shatter Star  The Wizard  Druidkin
                              [) Members (]
               Versace  Asuryan  Icebreakr  Shady  Vanquish
                    The Doc  Mirror Image  Price of Death
                              [) Traders (]
                          Dragon Hunter  Sharp
                   Sir Alf  Wolfen  Fido Dido  Blue Rex
                    Lester  Clepto  FlatLiner  Merchent
                              [) Code Team  (]
                              Sharp  AcidDream
   [] HQs Site of Lord '95 []
      The Castle...............WorldHQ.....[8 Nodes]..+1-TRA-DER-ONLY
      (For Rent)...............CanadaHQ....[X Nodes]..+1-TRA-DER-ONLY
      Predatory Nature.........USHQ........[3 Nodes]..+1-KIS-SMY-***!
      (For Rent)...............CourierHQ...[X Nodes]..+1-NOT-FOR-YOU!
      Dimension-X..............Member......[2 Nodes]..+1-PRI-VAT-ONLY
      Vtec.....................Member......[2 Nodes]..+1-PRI-VAT-ONLY
      Sanctuary................Affil.......[1 Nodes]..+1-NOT-FOR-YOU!
      Damage Central...........Affil.......[2 Nodes]..+1-604-KIC-KASS
   [] Greets to []
         DruidKin , CodeBreaker, Jimmy Jamez, Cyber Angel, Liquidator
           The Snake, Dual Standard, Dandruff, Wizard, Morbin Genius
              Kyrbo, JailBird, Bryan0, High Density, Bpot8o, Dual
        - CaRTel, DoD, SCUM, PWA, RAZOR 1911, RTS, ZiLLiONZ, PYRAMiD -
   [] LoRD []
      If you are interested in joining LoRD please contact our Courier
      Coordinator, or the Senior Members to obatain a Application Pack.
      Or write to us at the following address for more information:
   [] Final Words []
    The Best There is, The Best There was, & The Best There ever will be!

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