DonkeyKong47421 Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (+6 Trainer)

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (+6 Trainer)


Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (+6 Trainer)

Text file description:

|          Hotwheels             |
|   Stunt Track Driver Trainer   |
|  v1.0                          |
|  06-16-05                      |
|                                |
|  Written By -                  |
|  DonkeyKong47421               |
|     |
|  PC Game                       |
|  Main File Details  -          |
|  stunt.exe                     |
|  489 KB (501,248 bytes)        |
|  Game Version 1.0              |
| Public Releases | -
06-16-05  --  Released first version 1.0
| Available Cheats | -
Cheats Currently Available in trainer version 1.0 --
     - Freeze Track Timer
     - Max Car Gripping
     - Max Car Engine
     - Max Car Steering
     - Race Crashes
     - Race Tricks
| Using The Trainer | -
To use any of the cheats in the trainer simply load the trainer, start the
game, and then click the cheat name button you want to use.
To turn the cheat off simply click the cheat button again, that you want
to turn off. Some cheats (Race Crashes) only changes if you crash when you
turn it off, and (Race Tricks) changes if you preform more tricks (In
reality only when you start onther race).
You can find out more about each cheat by putting your mouse cursor over a
cheat button, information will appear shortly about the cheat. If you need
to see it again move your mouse from the button and back to it for the
information to show back up.
| About The Trainer | -
Many hours of work on my part, and some luck, was done to make the cheat
codes and put them in a trainer for all to enjoy.
The tools I used were TSearch v1.6b and OllyDBG v1.10 for the cheats.
TSearch to find codes, OllyDBG to make the codes better and sometimes
to simply find cheats by going thru the code by hand.
I used TMK (Trainer Maker Kit) v1.51 to make the trainer program. This is
a great program and I like how my trainers turn out.
I hope the codes I made help you, and make the game more fun. Enjoy!
  - DonkeyKong47421

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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