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@echo off
type readme.bat | more
goto endOfDoc
 Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games saved game editor
Dgedit is a saved game editor for Jagged Alliance: Deadly
You can give all your mercs full health, wisdom, level and
all the others attributes.  You can also give them any
weapons or any other items.  However, this version will limit
any types of grenade to one per slot (I cannot get this to
work properly.  If you know how let me know).
You should have the following files from DGEDIT.ZIP:
    DGEDIT.EXE      main executable
    FILE_ID.DIZ     short description
    README.TXT      long description
Run DGEDIT.EXE in the saved games directory.
Select 'File'
Select the file that you want edit
Select 'Load X&Y' to load the mercs X&Y
    You are allow to edit two mercs at a time.
Select 'Max' to set attributes to maximum value.
    You can manually set the attributes to 127 (except for
    level) if you are brave.  You can do so at your own risk,
    I only tested with the default values.
Check 'Modify Items' to let DGEDIT modify items otherwise
    it wil only modify the attributes.
Select the item that you want for each slot.
    Note that not all items can be placed in certain slots.
    Note that some items have +XX in the description.  This
    indicate the additional protection it will provide.
    Weapons will have 50 rounds of ammunition on them.
    I have played the game with just modifying the attributes.
    I have experience frequent crashes when modifying the
Do the same for the other merc.
Select 'Save' to save both mercs.
Continue loading and saving the rest of your team.
Use this software at your own risk.  No warranty is provided
either written or implied.  Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games is
a registered trademark by Sir-Tech Software,Inc.
I have experience a few crash during game play with the modify
saved games.
Please send comments or bug reports to the email address
Please let me know if you are using this editor so I will
know my efforts was not wasted.
I will consider releasing the source code if you are interested.
(it's in Visual Basic DOS 1.0)
Thanks you for using DGEDIT! Enjoy!
Michael Pranivong

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