Jim power +8 trainer

Jim power +8 trainer

Jim power +8 trainer

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             Jimpower: The Lost Dimension in 3D
 Trained./.Cracked.by.: [Blade             ]  Released.On.: [28/10/93]
 Packaging............: [Blade             ]  Rating......: [Very CEWL!!!! ]
 Company..............: [Loricels          ]  Video.......: [Very Nice Vga ]
 Supplier.............: [The Humble Guys   ]  Audio.......: [ALL           ]
 Game.Type............: [Plat Form         ]
  The ON-LINE help takes a while to pop up so don't think it has crashed or
  something like that..
                           QEF  WaveBrain
                   CYBER FORCE MEMBERS
   Ace  Blade  Blue Sky  B.o.b.  Dejay  First Prince  Fox  Jihad
  Leviathan  Merde  Party Buster  QEF  SnoW  Soundtracer  Speedy-G
             Taz Devil  The Druid  The Wind  Wizard  Zhorak
        7th Heaven        AMiGACONSOLESPC    [3]    B.O.B.
        Console Cat       AMiGACONSOLES       [2]    Ace
        Flight 4o2        AMiGACONSOLESPC    [P]    The Wind
        Midian            CONSOLESPC          [P]    Leviathan
        Silverado         CONSOLESPC          [3]    Blue Sky
 Cyber Force is the  biggest dutch group  in the scene  releasing  worthfull
 stuff like trainers  and  fixes.  We are not searching for cheap success by
 releasing utterly  lame reviews  like some groups do,  but we are trying to
 make life easier for you. We think this scene isn't for fighting each other
 or other nasty shit. The group is a newcommer. Some of us haven't been here
 for long, but step by step we're growing and learning,  in quality that is.
                    MAKE WARES, NOT WAR..


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