Killer Tank (+3 Trainer for MYTH Rip)

Killer Tank (+3 Trainer for MYTH Rip)

Killer Tank (+3 Trainer for MYTH Rip)

Text file description:

                  [ M o s t  P r o u d l y  P r e s e n t s ]
                             Killer Tank Trainer +3
  Release Information
  Game Supplier....: SaintOne / QMX
  Release Date.....: November 17th, 2001
  Release Size.....: 1 x 0.1mb
  Release Type.....: [X] Trainer
  Release Title....: 11.17.01-Killer.Tank.Plus.3.Trainer-JMP
  Trained by.......: JMP FCE4
  ALWAYS read this .NFO properly.
  Important note to webmasters: ALWAYS include this rather important .NFO
  file with this Trainer if you are going to post it on your website.
  Installation Requirements
  Release........: 11.16.01-Killer.Tank-MYTH
  Release-Type...: RIP-game
  File...........: "killertankDX.exe" 1.626.175 bytes
  Notes..........: Make sure you have installed the Myth RIP version.
                   Read the important "Other Notes".
  Installation Instructions
  1) Use on your own risk.
  2) Unpack Trainer into your gamedir directory.
  3) Start Trainer.
  4) Start Game from *within* Trainer Menu.
  5) Use keys as shown below.
  6) Enjoy. ;)
  Release Notes
  No need to press ALT-TAB to get to this Trainer Menu, simply apply/toggle
  your favourite trainer-cheat to the running Game by pressing any of the
  following keys DURING game-play:
     F5 - Infinite Armor
     F6 - Infinite Machine Gun Ammo
     F7 - Infinite Plasma Gun Ammo
  Other Notes
  Seems we been getting a litle lazy lately, huh ? Two binaries of this game
  was shipped in the release, one for Direct3D and one for Glide/3dfx, hence
  in good lazy style we only trained the Direct3D binary. Again, we'd prolly
  been best of just waiting for JMP_FCE4 to upgrade the Trainer Menu to deal
  with the non-config startup of game. Also notice, only Machine Gun and
  Plasma Gun Ammos have been trained, - if you think more weapons should be
  trained aswell, mail a comment along with a copy of your game-save file.
  [personal] shouts to:
     Qlimax (Good Guys, all of You)
     2001 Crew (good to have you guys around)
     Infrarouge (hope you'll enjoy your mums bday eheheh! ;)
  Contact Information
       1) We give no support what-so-ever (feedback is appreciated thou).
          I will eventually find time to write those twenty words.
                               Class World HQ
                          Manifest Destiny World HQ
                        United Cracking Force World HQ
                                Rise World HQ
                          Pentium Force Team World HQ
                               Oddity World HQ
                               Rebels World HQ
   .               MAGNETiC AFFiLiATiONS
   M                                                     .
   A                     DYNASTY EHQ                   F
   G                REBELS HQ  X-FORCE HQ             i
   N                      COUNCIL EHQ                  . E
   E              Legends Never Die RHQ              L
   T                                                   D
   i                Sorting the PiSS out SiNCE 1997       S
   C                 100mbit blasting SPEED            .


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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