Magic carpet 2 interactive trainer

Magic carpet 2 interactive trainer

Magic carpet 2 interactive trainer

Text file description:

            ________   /    /________________________________________
           /____   /__/    /   \_______  \_______   \____________
    -=-=-=-=-/   _    \____    /   _  ___//   _  ___/     /    /    /-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-/    /    /   /   /    /   =/    /   /      /    /    /-=-=-=
           /____/    /_______/ ________//____/    / _____/ ________/
               / ___/(-Hsn!-)/             / ___//     /
               /                           /
                                Proudly Present
                     Magic Carpet 2 Interactive +2 Trainer
 Supplied by  Celestial Wizard        Release Date     Oct 1st 1995
 Trained by   Replicator/Jammer       Trainer Type     Interactive
 Packaged by  Jammer                  Rating           Excellent! ;)
 For best performance: Run the trainer from a clean boot.
  Trainer Notes:
  Finally we are back with a +2 Interactive Trainer for Magic Carpet 2.
  This one includes LEVEL SKIP and INVULNERABILITY.
  To activate the options press 1 or 2 inside the game, the screen will then
  flash in either GREEN (On) or RED (Off). The level skip will continue to
  skip levels for as long as it is activated. So if you don't want to skip
  all levels then turn this one off after you have used it!
                                                  signed. Jammer
  Special greets to  : Celestial Wizard, Randall Flagg, Bluewater, Cyber,
                       Widget, The Undertaker, Rejector, Jammer, Misha,
                       The Renegade Chemist and Zeus!
  Group greets       : Phoenix, Hoodlum, DOD, Eclipse, and Wicked.
                               Hybrid Membership
                              BlueWater and Hoson
   Big Balls, Celestial Wizard, ChainSaw MasSacre, The Comanche, Crackpot,
      Cyber, The Doc, Ice, Jammer, MindBender, Mad Gunman, Mad Monkey,
       Mad Turnip, Misha, Mod, Mr.Terry, Physco Stik, Randall Flagg,
             Replicator, Silver V, Specie, The Renegade Chemist,
                 The Undertaker, Zeus, Widget, and Wildcard.
     Bruce Lee, Chaft, Fatalman, Il Cattino, Maverick, Practical Joker,
                 Sharp, Slain, The Druid, Tiger, and Ustasa.
  Park Central          World HQ      16 Nodes   XXX-XXX-XXXX  CP/Silver V
  The S.I.L.O           US HQ          6 Nodes   XXX-XXX-XXXX  The Comanche
  Robin's First Orgasm  Canada HQ      5 Nodes   613-XXX-XXXX  Big Balls
  Fatal Future          Euro HQ       10 Nodes   +46-XXX-XXXX  MindBender
  Central Station       Dutch HQ       2 Nodes   +31-XXX-XXXX  Widget
  East BBS              Swedish HQ     3 Nodes   +46-XXX-XXXX  Mr.Terry
  The Graveyard         UK HQ          4 Nodes   +44-ITS-DOWN  The Undertaker
  Druid's Keep          Australian HQ  8 Nodes   +61-XXX-XXXX  The Druid
  Club Congo            Memberboard    3 Nodes   XXX-XXX-XXXX  Specie
  No Bitchin' Allowed   Memberboard    3 Nodes   XXX-XXX-XXXX  The Doc
  April Fools           Affiliate      3 Nodes   613-XXX-XXXX  PJoker
  Lxxxxxx Axxxxx        InterNet FTP  50 Nodes   XX.XXX.X.XXX  XXX
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   using one of the services listed beneath;
   Americans, e-mail us at:
   Europeans, e-mail us at:
                       IRC: #hybrid
                       WWW: http://www.coming.soon
                snail-mail: Hybrid
                            Kyrkog. 40
                            EuroBox 179
                            S-411 15  GOTHENBURG
                               Today's wise quote:
                            "CD-Rip? No! CD-RAPE!!!"


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