MechWarrior 2 (weapon editor)

MechWarrior 2 (weapon editor)

MechWarrior 2 (weapon editor)

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MW2-Ed is a small program that allows you to edit some of the attributes
of the weapons that are found in Mechwarrior 2.
It allows you to edit:
 * the range of the weapon
 * the number of shots per ton of ammo
 * the number of shots produced when a weapon if fired
When you see the prompt ->, you can enter a value of 0 to exit that
prompt. Don't do this when you are being asked to enter a new value
for a weapon!
WARNING: this program edits the file mw2.exe, so you may want to make a
backup copy.
If you find yourself in a position where you are asked to enter a new
value and find that you don't want to, use Ctrl-Break - it should work.
NOTE: these changes only affect the actual game. When editing a mech, you
will not see any changes, as that is part of the shell, not the game itself.
Any changes you make will only be noticable when piloting a mech, not when
designing one.
Some notes that may be helpful:
Editing range
When asked, you enter the range in metres. This is the maximum range for the
weapon. Not much needs to be known about this.
Some aside information: the actual value stored is 100 times the max. range
for some reason known only to Activision. The original values are slightly
different from what the manual says (but not by much), and as you will know,
the ERPPC manual range is wrong - the values that this writes in are exact
- if you enter a range of 1000m, it writes in the value 100000. The slight
difference shouldn't make much difference.
Editing Shots per Ton
Basically, the upper limit is 255 shots per ton. I didn't bother to find out
whether this could be increased. If you want any more, just set it to be an
energy weapon, and that weapon will no longer need ammo :)
Editing Shots Produced
  This is the tricky one, as you have to really think about the effect this
will have. Again, the limit is 255 (I only write one byte), but is probably
higher although I haven't bothered to work this out.
  Altering this value does NOT speed the shots up, just the total number of
shots produced. For example, each laser weapon fires 1 shot - change this
to 20 and they will fire 20 shots in a row. You cannot refire this weapon
until this firing sequence has stopped. For example, an LRM20 fires 20 shots
- change this to 100 and it will fire 100 before stopping.
  After the final shot is fired, the weapn will need to reload (normal reload
time) before being usable again.
  The reason you must be careful is that each shot produces heat - so having
the ERPPC fire 50 times in a row is not very useful as heat will quckly go
If you find any problems, please email me.
Things for me to do:
- see if I can find the reload time
- see if I can find the heat value
- see if I can find the damage value
(I'm not overly confident of finding any of these, however).
Andrew Griffin    <-- you can find all my editors here
MW2-Ed, yet another BUGGY product!
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