MechWarrior 2 (mission selecter)

MechWarrior 2 (mission selecter)

MechWarrior 2 (mission selecter)

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MechEdit 1.0
This program will modify/create customized mechs in MechWarrior 2.
It requires Windows 3.0 or higher.
When you customize a mech in MW2, it writes out a "*.MEK" file in the
MECH2MEK directory.  These files are the files you'll be modifying.  They
include all of the attributes worth editing to make your mech into a powerful
killing machine.  No other files will be touched, and deleting any of these
*.MEK files will result in no damage to the game.
From Windows, Run SETUP.EXE.  Follow the instructions.
A few notes about values
MASS represents the mass of the current type of mech.  The only real use of
modifying this I found was in allowing a Dire Wolf to deploy in the early
ENGINE is the Engine Level.  I've set it to 20 as default which allows you to
cruise at 300kph, and slow down to 50kph.  A higher value will enable you to
reach speeds in excess of 3,000kph, but with little control over turning.
The maximum value for each field is 255, naturally.
Loading weapons
Drag and drop the weapon you desire into the "Weapons on board" list.  It will
automatically be added to the criticals list.  If this type of weapon requires
ammo, select it in the "Weapons on board" list and then hit <ENTER> and type
in the # of Ammo Levels you wish to add.  10 is the maximum # of levels per
weapon, and your mech is limited to 25 Ammo Levels.
You are almost unlimited by criticals.  Now your Head, Left Leg, and Right Leg
each hold 12 instead of 6.  In addition, each object you place doesn't need
more than 1 critical ever.  Also, you don't need an Engine and Gyros and all
that.  Basically, just 1 of each weapon and maybe a MASC unit will do.  No
armor or ammo needs be placed.
I wrote this mainly for myself.  I've added a few things to make it more
"user-friendly", but it's still pretty raw.  If you experience any bugs, try
to ignore them.  This program is as is, and may never see a revision.
So, enjoy!  Try not to cheat until you finish the game first!


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