Mega Man X8 - Items - (+16 Trainer)

Mega Man X8 - Items - (+16 Trainer)

Mega Man X8 - Items - (+16 Trainer)

Text file description:

MegaMan X8 v1.0 +16 Trainer by 'Delta Dreamer'
T_MMX8_I.EXE v1.06
MD5: 4E91972226C64EF2DF23BD7A4F127E1F
This is for the 'Items', found in the Game.
FYI: The options in this Trainer, are for both the Male and Female Characters, in the Game.
On my system, the trainers that i tried, crashed when i ran them. Pizzadox's offering has a few issues, and only a few options (good chiptune, though). Also, theirs, has no Item support. So, i had to hack my own cheats.
These codes are thoroughly tested. Two are chunks, poked in a long, continuous stream. The "Weapon Tanks", is a long script of data. I found most of these by swapping Save Files, that i had previously archived. You can easily swap SaveGame Files, while the game is running!
I Started on this project, after finding the enable addresses, for the female sprites.
 It does not utilize HotKeys, because i use a modified Sega Saturn GamePad, connected to a modified Keyboard. This game was difficult to hack, and time consuming. There may not be any problems, from enabling all of the cheats, but i can't ensure it.
Programs Used:
Win98SE (Modded)
GameHack v2.0 (Mostly)
Cheatfinder v1.0 (Some)
ACD FotoCanvas v1.1
M$ Paint v5.00.1740.1
IconForge v6.32
Trainer Maker Kit v1.51
MetaPad v3.51
Thanks to CAPCOM, for reinventing the "2D" wheel, and making a game that demands cheating.
Images and Tradenames, are the Copyright, of each Company.
This file can by shared amongst whomever finds it usefull. But, it must be offered as FREEWARE.
For questions or comments, send a message to:
Liam82067 -AT- yahoo -DOT- com
Make the Subject as the Trainer Archive Name:
Subject = "Trainer Archive Name"
(c) 2007 Delta Dreamer


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